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There Is Always Someone Cheaper

There Is Always Someone Cheaper

I decided to write this short blog after seeing the below meme. There is always someone cheaper! There are many other common sayings that touch on the subway.

“You get what you pay for.”

“Nothing get’s you nothing.”

always someone cheaper

Obviously, the meme is meant to be funny. But it also reminds me of times I tried to do things “the cheap way” in the past. It also reminds me of China, where everyone knows a “friend” that can-do things for 10% of the price of a professional company. It always starts with some friend, it doesn’t work out, then the professional company is hired to do the work.

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There Is Always Someone Cheaper

Once someone’s “friend” was hired to clean the pool that had turned green (algae.) The friend had no idea what they were doing and simply pored four massive tubs of bleach into the pool. The pool had so many chemicals in it, it took a month until the water returned to normal PH levels. A professional company was eventually hired, fixed the filter, and cleaned the pool.

Value has always been associated with cost.

Low value—> Low cost

People know that lawyers are expensive, so sometimes they try and do things the “cheap way.” They use online templates that are not specific to their needs, they get advice from Google instead of a local lawyer, or self-represent even when the legal issue is very serious. If you have a family or criminal law matter self-representing is extremely risky.

What happens if a judge rules that your spouse gets the assets? How much will that cost you?

What happens if you lose custody over your child? How much is seeing your child worth?

Don’t Make Rookie Mistakes

Pay a lawyer $250-350/hour and save yourself time, stress, and possibly money in the long term. If you lose your case and then hire a law firm to do an appeal it is extremely expensive. Appeals often cost around $35,000. Can you afford that?

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Book a free 30-minute consultation with a lawyer and go over the lawyer agreement. Our lawyers hourly rates are on the lower end.

If you have a monthly budget for legal fees, let the lawyer know. There is always someone cheaper, but how about you do it right the first time instead?