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Aman Sekhon- Mississauga Lawyer

Aman Sekhon- Mississauga Lawyer

Aman Sekhon is happy to join ClearWay Law as a family and estate lawyer. Aman does wills and also represents clients in divorces. He also does some real estate and immigration work. She received his BA in Hamilton and then got his law degree in Texas. He started off his lawyer career with a large downtown Toronto firm.

After doing that for a while, he decided to open a law firm in Mississauga with his brother. He is able to meet clients at his main office in Mississauga. He also goes out east to Kitchener and Hamilton to meet clients.

Aman Sekhon

His main office is at 215 Traders Boulevard East, Unit 4- Mississauga, ON. He also has other “meeting only” offices in the eastern Toronto area. He does not go into downtown Toronto for meetings.

If you would like Aman Sekhon to represent you, please reach out to our Toronto law firm toll free at 844-466-6529

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Our family law firm’s approach is to minimize costs for clients. Family law can be very expensive. Costs often increase when people start fighting. A good lawyer should be honest with their client. If the client wants full custody, but the other spouse is a fit parent, the chance of the client winning full custody is very small. In addition, it will probably cost the client $30,000-50,000.

Starting with legal letters and moving towards mediation is often far more productive.

Aman Sekhon has been practicing law in the greater Toronto area for over ten years. It is important to have a lawyer that has at least a decade of experience if you have a serious area. Being Aman is in the suburbs, his rates are much lower than most downtown Toronto lawyers. Reach out for a legal consultation.

Aman does not estate disputes, but can create a customized will for only $600+HST.

Aman does not travel to downtown Toronto, but we have other lawyer that can meet you downtown if you require.