Being A Jerk Can Take 12 Years Off Your Life

Being A Jerk Can Take 12 Years Off Your Life

A lot of people becoming spirtual during a divorce. Many people create fake profiles to bash their ex online. But being a jerk online can kill you.

I see people on Instagram share a motivational meme saying something to the effect of “One small act of kindness, one giant leap for humanity.” I then see them fat shaming a celebrity.

Being A Jerk Is A Terrible Thing

People love negativity because it makes them feel better about their boring life. I have many friends who work a 9-5pm job and dream of starting a business. The problem is that they have a mortgage or rent, they must buy groceries, and they don’t want to fail.

If you can’t be successful, what can you do? You can try and stop others success.

Being a jerk online might make you feel better in the short term, but did you know that it could take 12 years off your life?

The average life span in Canada is 82.30 years old. According to a study by the National Academy of Sciences, people live 12.5

longer when they are positive. The study followed 71,143 people for up to 30 years.

Let’s say the average negative person dies 6.25 years earlier than average, and the average positive person dies 6.25 older than average.

Being A Jerk
Being A Jerk Online

This would mean:

If you are negative, you would die at around 76.05 years old.

If you are positive you would die at around 88.55 years old.

So being a jerk online could take 12.5 years off your life!

Besides dying earlier, negative people will never be in the 1% of income earners. To be an entrepreneur is to take a leap of faith and to be okay with risk. People will want you to fail, and you must accept the hate.

I was in the army for seven-years and I always commit to things that are tough. The military taught me how to persevere and I developed my stamina and now use it as an entrepreneur. Starting a business is a journey with many speedbumps. There is no finish line. If you are not okay with being uncomfortable, then don’t start a business. It’s hard and sometimes depressing.

Many people know deep down inside them that they don’t have what it takes to be famous and/or successful. The best they can do for themselves is to tear others down. I know this because I was once like this myself back in University. If a friend got a better car than me, I would have thoughts about them crashing it. I noticed that negative news spread a lot faster than positive news.

Being A Jerk – Evidence Doesn’t Matter

Look at all the popular business documentaries (Fyre Festival and about Elizabeth Holmes) and popular business movies (Wolf of Wall Street and Boiler Room), they are all negative and involve death and arrests.

People don’t want to hear about the person who started a company, it grew by 10% every year, and now after 10-years they have a company with good cash flow. That’s boring and people don’t want to hear about it. Most businesses don’t end up with death and arrests.

I run a law firm, and I am constantly trying to manage lawyer’s bad reputation. Lawyers have a reputation for only caring about money. I always encourage the lawyers at my law firm to believe that kindness can be its own motive. What family lawyers do is like emergency room doctors. People come to our law firm broken, and we try to fix them. We don’t have a 100% success rate, which is the same in the emergency room.

Lawyers Take on Client’s Stress

Lawyers put themselves in a position to take on their client’s issues, so the clients can sleep better at night. But the lawyers need to focus on finding ways to be positive, or they will end up with a heart attack.

I wrote this article in hopes of getting people to realize their own passive aggressive ways. I recognize that not everyone shares the same goals as I do. Not everyone can get wealthy, but everyone can be happy with what they have built. Stop being a keyboard warrior and go and build something that improves the world. At the very least, change your ways and live 12 years longer.

Being a jerk can kill you, so stop doing it.

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