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Can you travel with kids after a separation?

Can you travel with kids after a separation?

So you may be asking, “can you travel with kids after a separation??” There can be no right or wrong answer to the question. But why not? Why wouldn’t you? Love to travel? The answer is yes. If you love creating fun and enjoyable memories, then yes again. If you love your kids, then you have your answer, YES!  Honestly, kids can make the best travel companions. They make you laugh, they want to have fun all the time, and they don’t believe in the impossible.

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Separated parenting often have a lot of questions, and it’s a good idea to get legal advice before making big decisions. Regardless of if you are separated or divorced, it’s important not to make rush decisions and get yourself in trouble.

Some reservations you have about traveling with your kids:

Traveling is just too stressful

Yes, the whole idea of traveling can be overwhelming for anyone. Plans need to be made, the budget considered, you will need to take time off work, the list can go on and on. The best way to resolve this issue is to get your children involved. Discuss ideas about where you all would want to go. Hold the discussion multiple times and give it some time. Have your children look up places they are interested in online. Have your children help you figure out how much it will cost to make the trip a possible. Giving your child(ren) some leadership in the planning process will be beneficial for building their motivation and taking responsibility for the trip.

It is too soon to travel

What is too soon? Perhaps a few days or a week after a separation is a little soon. However, don’t let your fears about gossip prevent you from having fun with your kids. If you and your kids like to travel, then travel! The trip does not need to be immediate, but talk with your kids and plan the trip together. Traveling can be perfect to spend quality time alone with your children.

There isn’t enough money to travel

After a separation, it maybe difficult to find room in your budget to plan a trip. But you don’t need to travel out of the country or plan an expensive trip. If going out of state is tough, then there are great places to visit and explore locally. Talk to your kids. Be open with your children and let them know how much you are able to put in and have them help you figure out how much is needed to make the trip possible. Be creative in ways your kids can contribute to the trip too!

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Make a money jar or some sort of visual display for your kids to see. Have your kids earn money for the trip by completing some extra household chores that will alleviate some day-to-day tasks for you or have them set up a lemonade stand, etc. Every time more money is earned for the trip, have your kids put the money in the jar or move the visual chart so they can see and feel the gratification of working hard toward a goal.

I don’t have the time to travel right now

You may find yourself busy with work. Major projects, business meetings, deadlines are common in your line of work. You need your job to support your family so taking time off work is not an option. But you do need to rest! If you have the weekend or national holidays off, use this time for a short trip. Take advantage of any time you can get and maximize the time to forget about work and have fun with your kids. It can be healthy to travel with kids after a separation.

Can you travel with kids after a separation?

Here is another look at the benefits of traveling with your kids:

Spend one on one time / bond together

The separation or divorce may have took your time away from your children. Traveling is a great opportunity to make the time just about you and your children. No work. No lawyers. Leave your anger and issues about your separation at home. Enjoy a trip together and to be active with your kids. Explore a new place, be adventurous and try new foods or activities, and create new memories.

Build and renew your parent child relationship

There may be a new dynamic in your parent-child relationship. Communication with your child may now be a challenge. Allow your child to have some input in the decision making of the trip. Listen and share ideas and concerns, then troubleshoot the problems together. This will give your child some control of their life again and it will be a great morale booster. Not to mention, sharing a new or first time experience will also bring you closer together.

Teachable moments

Traveling is great experience for you and your kids. You can teach them how to budget, problem solve, organize and plan, be creative, have fun, and try new things. By allowing your child to be involved with the trip, they can learn to be responsible, and feel the joy in accomplishing and reaching short term goals.

Travel With Kids After A Separation

Traveling is definitely not for everyone. If you don’t like to travel, don’t feel the pressure to do it. If you do like to travel, then there are benefits to traveling with your kids, for both parents and the children. Wouldn’t you agree?

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**Please note, if there are any custody issues regarding your child(ren), then please consult one of our family lawyers before planning any trips.

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