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Canada And China Trade War

canada and china trade war


Are you concerned about the Canada and China trade war? Despite COVID-19 and political fighting, Chinese and Canadian companies continue to do significant business together. After a slump back in 2019, trade levels are back to the 2018 level.

Despite the pandemic, Canadian businesses have increased their exports to China by 9.5% since the coronavirus pandemic started. This data was released by the Canadian International Development Platform.

While exports from Canada to China are up 9.5%, exports from Canada to the United States are down over 20% over this past year.

A reason for the increase in exports to China is that the Chinese government has relaxed some of its rules against Canadian companies. Back in 2019, there was a period of time when Canadian meat products were banned in China. This is no longer the case.

2019 was a bad year for China/Canada relations. The Canada and China trade war hit a peak. However, we are now back to export levels seen before the Weng Wangzhou dispute.

Why Does China Want To Import So Many Products From Canada?

Another reason for the increase in exports is that China’s economy was the first to get back to normal post Coronavirus.

This is because China started dealing with the virus four months before Canada did. Another reason is that this is the second time China has fought the SARs virus. 

Back in 2002, SARs spread throughout China, killing 774. However, it did not go global the same say that SARs-2 has. China has more experience dealing with virus control than Canada does.

Because China has mostly recovered from the virus, it is a logical country to do business with. They are ready to do business and grow their economy.


What Canadian Products Does China Want To Buy?

Canadian products that are doing well include grains, minerals, meat, and vegetables. Canada exported over 132, 277, 357 pounds of pork this last year. The average pig produces 154 pounds of meat, so that’s a lot of pork.

China also loves purchasing foreign products such as organic skincare products, ice wine, and cereals made of Canadian wheat. 

There is also a massive demand for any health care products. This is especially true when health products target babies.

Chinese people are quite price-sensitive, with the exception of spending money on their children’s health and education.

I am aware of a Canadian company that is selling Chinese learning services to children who grew up in Canada. Their parents might be both Chinese, or at least one of the parents are. The parents or parent wants their child to know how to speak Chinese.

Canada and China Trade War

The child who has grown up in Canadian elementary schools wants to speak English. These parents are spending over $5000 on these online Chinese tutoring classes!

Given that my company, ClearWay Law, is an online platform for legal services in China, I am hoping that China is also open to Canadian internet innovation!

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The Canada and China trade war is likely to go on for several more years. If you are a Canadian company that needs a lawyer in China, contact us via the forms on our website.

Alistair Vigier is the CEO of ClearWay Law China, a company that helps people find attorneys in China