Cease And Desist Letter Download

Cease And Desist Letter Download

Are you looking for a cease and desist letter download? We are currently working on Clearway Lite, where you will be able to download legal documents for only $100 and do it yourself. You must make yourself aware of the laws of your state or province.

Downloading legal templates are not right for everyone, but can be a useful starting point if you need a quick template.

Cease And Desist Letter Download

When ready you can download a case of desist letter below for $100. If you end up needing to hire a lawyer to help you, we can do so at our hourly rate. Our law firm offers “law for families” which enables you to protect what is most important, your family.

Please be aware that by downloading this document you are not a client of our law firm. No lawyer is representing you and you need to do everything on your own.

Also be aware that the laws that govern cease and desist letters may change province to province. It is likely a good idea to seek independent legal advice from a lawyer once you have completed your template.

Questions and Answers

I need help sending legal letters to stop someone from doing something. Does your law firm help with this?

Yes, we can send legal letters for you.

Which provinces do you currently service?

We currently help people in Ontario and BC.

How much does it cost for legal letters?

If it takes us 2 hours to do, at an hourly rate of $350, it would be $700 plus tax.

Receiving the letter

When you send the letter to the other party, do you want them to sign? If yes, you should encourage them to get independent legal advice before signing. If you don’t need a signature, it shouldn’t matter. When you send the letter, you might want to do it by certified mail.

If you want a cease and desist order, you will need to go to court.

Cease And Desist Letter Download

If you end up hiring our law firm on an hourly basis, we will give you $100 off with proof that you downloaded our template.

You should also make yourself aware of contract law, such as the minimum age required to enter into a contract in your state or province.

Downloading a template is not a substitute for hiring a lawyer or attorney. It should only be used as a last resort if you cannot get legal help or cannot afford a lawyer.

If you are looking to learn more about Canadian law, we suggest you watch some of our YouTube videos.

If you decide you need a lawyer instead of a template, you can go to our website

Our lawyers will be happy to assist you with your legal issue. Our lawyers work remotely, which means they can help you regardless of where you are in the province.

If you are looking for a desist letter template, you can download it here for only $100. If you need legal representation, reach out to our law firm.