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Chengdu Lawyer and Attorney

Chengdu Lawyer


Are you looking for a Chengdu lawyer or attorney? Our law group has lawyers in China. This article will explain about the law firm, and also talk about Chengdu itself.


Chengdu is located in Sichuan province in China. It is located in the Asia Pacific Region. 


Our Chengdu lawyer mostly does family law, bankruptcy law, and employment law. They can also help with contracts.


Chengdu law firm


If you need a litigator, we can refer you to Dentons Chengdu. The lawyer’s name there is Shoumin Liu, who is the Office Managing Partner in Chengdu.


Dentons mostly does high-end expensive work. This includes things like mergers and the purchasing and selling of companies.


Both Dentons Chengdu and ClearWay Law China can help you with taxation and criminal defence. If you want more information about crime in China, look up “Getting arrested in China, Clearway .cn”


Our lawyers mostly help with family law, inheritance law, and business law. You can see some of our attorneys in China below.

Chengdu law firmChengdu hongqiao patent law office

Chengdu lawyer and attorney


If you need a Chengdu law firm, fill out the form on the side of this page.


The food in Chengdu is very spicy. It’s famous for its pandas and spicy food.


Fashion and design companies are very popular in Sichuan province. It’s sometimes seen as the creative fashion capital of China.


Tourists are also starting to find Chengdu. Many entrepreneurs from Shanghai and Beijing have moved to Chengdu. It’s seen as a city that is developing fast (even for China.)


It also has a high quality of life. It’s been voted as the most livable city in China. It wants to become a garden city.


If you need a hotel, we highly recommend the Intercontinental at the Global Center. Reach out to us. We might be able to get you a room upgrade. We have good relations with the New Century Global Center.


We recommend you spend at least two days, just at the Chengdu New Century Global Center. There is so much to do. The first time that we went, we were in shock. There is even a full-sized waterpark! Look up some videos of the mall on Youtube.


Chengdu Hongqiao patent law office


You also be looking for the Chengdu Hongqiao patent law office. It’s located at Room 13, 15, 16, 3rd Floor, JiaYi Mansion, No.22 South Section One, First Ring Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 610041, P.R.China.


This organization helps companies register their patents and trademarks. If you need a Chengdu lawyer to assist with this, contact us.


Our lawyers and attorneys in China can also help with other things. For example, incorporating, setting up a bank account, and creating employment agreements.


If you want us to connect you with the Chengdu Hongqiao patent law office, let us know. We can refer you!