Child Support Payments After Losing Job

Child Support Payments After Losing Job

What happens when you lose your job, how does it affect child support payments? Dealing with a workplace injury or job loss can be extremely stressful when you have a family to take care of. Having to deal with court orders for child and spousal support can increase your stress even further. You might feel that your situation is hopeless. Whenever you experience a negative change in your employment status you should talk to a family lawyer. You need to see what can be done both in the short term and long term to better deal with your support obligations.

Our Law Firm Can Help You

We can help you calculate the basic child support amount using our advanced technology. Don’t use an online calculator, as they are rarely accurate. You want to calculate child support correctly, so that when you send the separation agreement to your spouse, they hopefully accept it. The goal is to get the agreement signed without fighting.

Our law firm can also put together a share custody agreement, with a focus on child care. You need legal advice to make sure the agreement is legally binding. If you don’t do it right, the agreement you signed might be thrown out. Contract law is more complicated than most people think. For example, the person receiving the agreement should receive independent legal advice.
If you are the one being asked to pay support, we can calculate how much you should pay to the other parent.

Child Support Payments: What Happens When You Lose Your Job

If you have been injured on the job and are not able to work, your family lawyer can help you present your case for lowering your short-term or long-term support obligations. This will depend on the severity of your injuries. The court has recognized that personal injury effects a person’s ability to earn income. Family judges have said it is a valid reason for your spousal and or child support to be lowered.

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You will be required to present medical records and information regarding your injury to the family court. You must also show any insurance policies that you may have while you recover from your injuries.

Child Support Payments

In the event of termination, if you have been let go by an employer who had a valid reason for firing you, you will likely have to find new employment as soon as possible as you are likely not eligible to revise your support amounts. If you were laid off or if you have not been fired for cause then you can raise the issue of unemployment as a reason to lower your support amounts.

Try to Find New Employment

In these cases you will need to show that despite your best efforts to try and find new employment you have been unable to do so. You will also need to show the paperwork related to your termination as well as paperwork that shows whether you have filed for unemployment insurance, or any other government benefits program where you may be receiving monthly payments from.

Have questions about what happens when you lose your job? Whatever your situation might be, you should discuss any potential issues you are facing with your job with a ClearWay Law lawyer so that they can help you to better manage your support obligations.

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The Family Law Industry is Changing

The public is starting to figure out that there are alternatives to family law litigation. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a fantastic alternative. This includes mediation and arbitration.

ClearWay Law practices primarily in the areas of family lawyer and estate litigation.

ClearWay Law is a proactive and results driven law firm.

Our family lawyers want our clients to have a transformative experience with us, not a transaction one.

We want to help our clients become less burdened. Our family lawyers ask our clients to offload their burden on them.

Our law firm wants to know what is important to our clients.

Client are often coming to our law firm during the biggest crisis in their life. ClearWay Law wants our clients to come out of the divorce experience stronger than when they went in.

Child Support Payments- We Stand Up to Bullies

We spend a lot of time looking at alternative ways to resolve disputes. Our lawyers are big fans of mediation and arbitration.

Our family lawyers are also billing to stand up to bullies in the family law court room.

We are also seeing changes in law firms offering unbundled services for hourly or flat fee quotes. Some clients prefer hourly, some prefer flat fees. Our family lawyers can offer both.

There is a massive amount of self-represented individuals in family law court. This is a symptom of a broken family law system.

The Toronto Star released an article February 25, 2015. It showed that in Ontario courts, 55% of people are self represented. In Alberta, the rate of self represented are only 14%. This suggests that people are losing faith in the Ontario family law system. Family law firms need to do better.

ClearWay Law was designed to be the change that the family law industry needs.

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Children Activities with your Ex

When dealing with your children’s schedules and your separation, it’s always best to try to minimize the disruption. Children Activities with your Ex is something you need to think about. If the children continue with their daily routines there will likely be less stress on them. The transition to a full separation of the parents will also be easier to manage for them. This includes the children’s activities and at the first instances of a separation.

Both parents should ensure that these activities continue as planned. They need to work together to ensure the children attend them without incident. You should make sure your voice is heard in the scheduling and deciding of activities. If not this could find yourself in another battle with your ex.

Child Support Payments

While the primary parent that cares for the children typically will try to control and manage the children’s activity schedules, you should make sure to be a part of these discussions and decisions as much as possible. More often than not the primary parent will try to schedule activities they care about on their time to ensure the children attend them with them, and those that may be more important to you will fall by the wayside.

Child Support Payments- Planning Is Key

As the children get older, sports and art activities can require large time investments. This can be a horrible battle between you and your ex. The arguement is normally regarding who gets to take the kids. Also what times are the kids able to still have time with the non-custodial parent?

The last thing you want is to become the parent who only gets to spend time with their kids at the arena or swimming pool. You need quality time with your kids outside of their activity schedules.

Are you currently trying to sort things out or if you already feel that your ex has started to block your parenting time? Do you have scheduled activities for the children during your access schedule? You should contact a ClearWay Law lawyer right away to ensure that your parenting rights and quality time with your children are protected. If you have questions about child support payments, we can help.