Children Activities with your Ex

Children Activities with your Ex

When dealing with your children’s schedules and your separation, it’s always best to try to minimize the disruption. Children Activities with your Ex is something you need to think about. If the children continue with their daily routines there will likely be less stress on them. The transition to a full separation of the parents will also be easier to manage for them. This includes the children’s activities and at the first instances of a separation.

Both parents should ensure that these activities continue as planned. They need to work together to ensure the children attend them without incident. You should make sure your voice is heard in the scheduling and deciding of activities. If not this could find yourself in another battle with your ex.

Children Activities with your Ex

While the primary parent that cares for the children typically will try to control and manage the children’s activity schedules, you should make sure to be a part of these discussions and decisions as much as possible. More often than not the primary parent will try to schedule activities they care about on their time to ensure the children attend them with them, and those that may be more important to you will fall by the wayside.

Planning is key

As the children get older, sports and art activities can require large time investments. This can be a horrible battle between you and your ex. The arguement is normally regarding who gets to take the kids. Also what times are the kids able to still have time with the non-custodial parent?



The last thing you want is to become the parent who only gets to spend time with their kids at the arena or swimming pool without having any quality of time with your kids outside of their activity schedules.

If you are currently trying to sort things out or if you already feel that your ex has started to block your parenting time with scheduling activities for the children during your access schedule, you should contact a ClearWay Law lawyer right away to ensure that your parenting rights and quality time with your children are protected.