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China Minsheng Investment Group

Are you looking into the China Minsheng Investment Group? This article will discuss the company and investment opportunities in China and Asia. There is also a pitch deck for your review.

We wrote this article hoping that someone searching for “China Minsheng Investment Group” is looking for investment opportunities in China. This is something that our company does really well. We research what people are looking for, and then we hijack the search term on Google. We just expanded from Canada to China, and we are looking for investors.

If you are looking for investment opportunities, you can learn about us below and fill out the form on this page’s side. Our CEO or investor relations manager will reach out to you to share the detailed ClearWay Law China pitch deck. You can click the link to see our basic pitch deck. You can also reach out to our CEO directly on Linkedin if you prefer.

China Minsheng Bank partners with Bolero to slash transaction times for importers - Bolero

Photo: China Minsheng Investment Group

Investing in private equity

China Minsheng Investment Group recently announced it was insolvent. We are not a big fan of mutual funds and bonds. We believe investors should put their money into a company that they can be a part of. This will give you more control over your investment. If things go well, you can put more in. If things don’t go well, you can hopefully get out very quickly.

As you can see in the pitch deck link we shared at the start of this article, we have built something very successful in Canada, and we now want to bring it to China. Several investors have approached us. However, we want to keep our options open and pick the right investors and business partners. We prefer those that, in addition to providing capital, will keep us growing the business. It’s a lot of work to grow a business, and we need the right team.

We are interested in speaking to people with contacts in China. We are also open to working with people with accounting, technology, or business management background. It’s obviously better if you have had some experience expanding into Asia. Or, at the minimum, managing a successful business in Asia or China.

What Is The China Minsheng Investment Group?

The company is based in Shanghai, China. It’s sort of like JP Morgan in the USA. In 2019, the company defaulted on some debt. We are unclear what the current status of the company is. There is a good article on bankruptcy in China that you can find by Googling “bankruptcy in china clearway .cn” We believe the company is still operating, as it sold off many of its overseas assets to stay alive.

Dong Wenbiao set up the company and is an investment expert in Chinese companies. China Minsheng Investment Group (CMIG) is massive. It has multiple companies set up in a variety of industries. CMIG has a leasing company, capital markets, aviation, healthcare, and innovation company. It is the largest investment company in China.

The company likes to make investments in things that help Chinese people live a better life. They want to improve the economic situation in China. They enjoy making long-term investments instead of short term plays. Around 60 private companies own the company, and it manages around $10 billion.

The company has also started working on coming up with solutions for China’s aging population.

China Minsheng Investment Group

Investing in company shares | Minsheng Investment Group

There are a lot of opportunities to invest in company shares in China. You should reach out to us to discuss our pitch deck or the Chinese legal services market. All investment is risky, but a strong plan reduces the risk. We have spoken to lawyers and accountants to account for risk management. Clearway has also spoken to business consultants and technology experts.

We have even discussed our plan with the Chinese government and the Canadian Embassy in Beijing. Clearway took all the feedback we got and put it into our business plan.

We know we need resources, capital, and people. Once we have these three critical things together, we will execute the plan.

Private equity investments can take ten years to cash out. You commit your money today and you are counting on the CEO to turn the company into something profitable. It’s important to partner with a high-quality CEO when making an investment. Also, make sure that you believe in the team.

You want to find a company that hasn’t gone big yet, but will. You worked hard for your money and you want to put it to work. Look at where you spend your money, Starbucks and Nike. But guess what, a lot of people spend a lot of money on lawyers as well. We do lawsuit and divorce law, and there is a lot of money to be made.

Private Equity Investment In China

The point of investing in a private company is that you can get a higher potential return than if you invested in the public market. However, private equity has more risk. Why?

Because a new company is riskier than investing in companies like Baidu or Alibaba. But also, a successful multi-billion dollar company is already at a high share value. The point of investing at an early stage of a company is that the share price is very low.

There is also less liquidity with private investments in China. You won’t be able to sell your shares easier. With a private company, you might have to wait until a later financing round to sell your shares.

There are a lot of great unlisted business opportunities out there, you just need to find them. There are people looking for capital that have great ideas.

*All investment is subject to your local securities laws. The first step to investing with us is to read our short pitch deck. If you are interested, we will send you a longer pitch deck. We will then send you a letter of intent, which is non legally binding. Once that is signed we will share with you the investment contract (shareholder agreement and/or the consulting agreement.)