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China Natural Health Products Market Opportunity

China Natural Health Products

Are you interested in learning about China natural health products? Are you wanting to expand your business into Asia? The first step is to connect with a lawyer in China.

You can get help with IP protection, trademarks, employment agreements, and shareholder agreements. Fill out a form on this website or send us an email. One of our Chinese lawyers will contact you.

We can also connect you with those in the China natural health products industry. It is a massive market that is growing.

Canada’s market share is small compared to the United States and Germany. You should contact your governments trade commissioners service. They can help you.

China Natural Health Trends

The trade commissioners will invite you to events, webinars, and will let you know about any funding.

JD.com has its own program, called JD Health. It is a massive company and they can really help you. There are a lot of opportunities for e-commerce in China.

Zhongpeng Zhang is the director of the Health and Nutrition Department at CCCMHPIE. They provide nutritional and pharmaceutical products in China. They promote international co-operation and also review China’s domestic policies.

Once COVID-19 is over, we assume that events organized by CCCMHPIE will resume. There are a lot of big events that focus on the China Natural Health Products Market Opportunity. They normally happen in Shanghai.

Natural Health And Wellness In China

COVID-19 has had a major impact on global trade. China has opened up its e-commerce opportunities for foreign companies.

Every Canadian company should think about global trade. There are lots of opportunities and risks in the Chinese market.

China is a major importer of natural and organic products. Keep in mind you cannot call something organic in China. Instead, it’s called natural.

Minerals, vitamins, and fish oil products are often imported from other countries into China. Chinese people believe products from foreign countries like Canada and Germany are of higher quality.

Natural Health Products In China

Natural Health Products In China

MuscleTech, Biopharma, Herbalife, NeoCell, and Swisse have done very well in the Chinese market. Canadians products like Organika, Ddrops, Factors Group, Maple Life, Natural Life and HerbaLand have done extremely well.

Jamieson opened up offline channels. They filed and registered for blue hat registration certificates early on. In China, there are over 500,000 pharmacies. A blue hat licence allows you to sell in pharmacies.

Ddrops carried out a clear strategy focusing on targeting people spending money on their children. Its infant formula is very popular. Chinese mom’s love the Ddrops brand.

If you are from the United States or Canada, do not assume what Chinese people like. Just because your product is popular in Europe or North America, it doesn’t mean Chinese people will like it.

Also, if you are England, and Chinese people in England love your product, it doesn’t mean they will like it in China. Why? Because your product might be the best option in England. However, in China, there are other brands that Chinese people prefer.

You should reach out to the Health Products Association China (HPA) to get advice.

Health Products Market Opportunity

You must have a good story to tell and focus on a specific area of the natural health industry in China. China’s growth is continuing, but its natural health market is getting more competitive.

There are still many opportunities for brands to grow. However, you must be protected. You need to make sure you have a good lawyer and accountant. We can help with the law side of things in China.

Herbalife from the US focused on multi-level marketing. It worked really well in China. Chinese people feel comfortable selling products to their friends and family.

Eye health products are a big opportunity in China. After COVID-19, Chinese people are paying a lot of attention to health products.

The economy is now starting to recover, which is moving the health market forward. The Chinese market can be irrational.

Some expensive products are popular just because of packaging. At other times, Chinese people are very cost-conscious.

You should speak to a company in China to help you with your sales and marketing. We can recommend companies to you.