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Chinese internet companies

Chinese internet companies


Are you looking at investing in Chinese internet companies? The internet is the goldmine of our generation. Look at the seven highest value companies in the world. The first two companies are technology companies, and all the rest are internet and/or online marketplaces for products and services.

1. Microsoft

2. Apple Inc.

3. Amazon.com

4. Alphabet Inc. (Google)

5. Alibaba Group

6. Facebook, Inc

7. Tencent (WeChat, Epic Games)

The United States wants to make sure that most of the top companies in the world are American. The Trump administration has tried to come up with ways to prevent Chinese internet companies from expanding into western countries and around the world. The focus of Trump’s efforts has been WeChat, Tok-Tok, and Huawei.

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The Effect of Decoupling on Internet Companies in China and the USA

The USA has made it clear that when it comes to the internet and technology, China and the USA should not work together. This is where the term decoupling comes from, it’s like a divorce between two countries. If decoupling continues, Chinese companies and American companies will not be able to do business with each other.

This leaves Chinese and American companies to focus on dominating the markets in other countries around the world. It’s a race to see who can own the markets in challenging markets, like Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. With Joe Bidden about to become president, there is an opportunity for American and Chinese companies to work together again.

What Does Decoupling Mean?
What Does Decoupling Mean?

Huawei and Tok-Tok were said to be a threat to national security in the USA. National security in the United States no longer means fighting terrorism but can include the removal of any data from the country. The new world of wars is fought in cyberspace with hackers as the soldiers. Neither Huawei nor Tok-Tok wanted to get banned from the largest economy in the world, so they put up a fight. Both companies have said repeatedly that they do not send data back to China, and do not take orders from the Chinese government.

Many American companies are also upset with the new changes. Many western companies do business with Tencent and Huawei. Huawei purchases a massive number of products from American corporations. With decoupling, Huawei will find Chinese companies to provide those technology widgets instead.

Opportunities for Chinese Internet Companies

Chinese firms have stopped almost all of their investment in the United States. This is a massive opportunity for internet companies in other countries, like the company that I run in Canada, ClearWay Law (www.clearwaylaw.cn.) The investment was down 90% from China into the United States. Chinese investors and companies are going to be looking for other markets. Some markets they should consider include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. I have recently connected with the Nanjing Investment Bureau to discuss investments. They seem excited about any new technology or internet company that can come to China and add value and innovation.


Chinese Companies Are Forced to Pick A Side

Entrepreneurs are not politicians. However, companies are now forced to either bet on China or the United States and which one will be the future power of the global economy. No longer can companies quietly do business with both world’s largest economies.

China has started to restrict its own companies from doing business with the United States. Further, China is a global leader in artificial intelligence and facial recognition. This is something that many governments and companies around the world want. If you want access to Chinese technology, you must pick China as your team.

We believe there are massive opportunities for Chinese internet companies. The Chinese economy continues to grow, and the internet is crushing the retail sector. If you go to the mall in China, you will see that there is a lot of unused space. This is not unique to China, it is happening in the west as well. Internet companies and tech companies continue to grow.

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Internet Companies Are The Future Of China

Internet Companies Are The Future Of China

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List of top China Internet Companies

  • China Mobile
  • Tencent
  • Alibaba
  • Baidu
  • Xiaomi
  • Google (even though it redirects it’s business to Hong Kong)

In conclusion, reach out to us to talk about opportunities in China.

Alistair Vigier (韦理德) is the CEO of ClearWay Law, a Chinese internet company that connects people that need a lawyer with a law firm based on their budget and legal needs.