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Chinese Investment Network Canada

Chinese Investment Network Canada

Are you a Chinese person looking at investment opportunities in Canada? Or are you the leader of a Chinese investment network ? We encourage you to try something more innovative and creative. Don’t assume that you have to open a hot pot restaurant or just buy condos. We feel Chinese people often go after the same things. That creates more competition and leads to making less profit. There can only be so many Chinese restaurants in a city. Instead, go where the profits are. Think about China. All the most profitable companies are technology-related. Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei are all technology companies. There have been some successful companies that are not technology related. An example of this would be Luckin Coffee. But of course, everyone knows they are having legal problems now.

Investment Opportunities in Canada

If you are looking for investment opportunities in Canada, contact us today. You can call us at 1-844-466-6529. One of our Chinese managers can talk to you. We are building a website in Canada and China that is improving the legal services industry. You can see our Chinese website at clearwaylaw.cn

You can see our main Chinese page (on the Canada website).

It is a technology company that connects people that need a lawyer with a law firm. We get paid $65 for each person we send to the lawyer in Canada. In China, we get paid 30% of what the lawyer receives from the client. In Canada, we are not allowed to earn a percentage of what is billed by the lawyer. Therefore, we have to charge a flat fee per lead. Our billing structure is different in Canada and China. However, our business model is very much the same.

Investment Network Canada

Our main purpose is to do marketing and find people that need lawyers. Once we have the person’s name, email, phone number, and information about their case, we send it to the law firm. It’s a simple business model that works. The person that needs a lawyer is happy because it’s very easy for them to find a lawyer. They don’t need to do the hard work and guess who a good lawyer might be. ClearWay Law has already built out a database of great lawyers that we can connect them with.

It’s also a great business model for law firms. Many attorneys are amazing at providing legal advice and working hard for their clients. However, they have no idea how to manage artificial intelligence, marketing, and website. These are all things that we are really good at.

How To Make Investments

We have created a way that people that need lawyers and law firms are happier. We need to raise money so that we can expand across Canada and China. If you are looking for investment opportunities in Canada, you can reach out to us. You should have enough money to invest $150,000 while being comfortable with risk and reward. We have a strong business plan that we are happy to share with you. When you call us, explain what you are looking for in an investment opportunity. If you have a Chinese investment network, we are happy to speak to a leader and they can present to the group. We have noticed that Chinese investment networks are very popular in Vancouver.

You can also email us at info@clearwaylaw.com to talk more about the opportunity via email. Also, you can learn more about us on Youtube.