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Christopher Deeble is a family law lawyer, mediator and is also trained in collaborative family law. He works hard to help clients that are committed to resolving a matter.  He helps married and common-law couples who are separating reach an agreeable and affordable outcome. Christopher believe that the selection of the method to be taken in the case is the clients’ key to resolving their legal issue.  Mr. Deeble believes that lawyers that push their client to go to court are not the best. Lawyers should instead work towards finding solutions outside the courts whenever possible. During a divorce, the focus should be on getting a separation agreement signed. Once the separation agreement is signed, the couple can then file for divorce and hopefully move on with their life’s.

Ottawa Family Lawyer

If you want to book a consultation with an Ottawa family lawyer, call our law firm toll free at 1-844-466-6529 or fill out the live chat in the bottom right of the screen.

Christopher Deeble also does fertility law:  surrogacy contracts, gamete donation contracts. If you need help with fertility law in Ontario, please contact our Ottawa law firm.

Chris has been practicing family law for ten years (as of 2019).

He is a chair member on a Ottawa family law bar.

Chris received his BA from the University of Ottawa.

Christopher is very interested in health law and fertility law.

Chris worked as an editor for fifteen years where he served an Immigration Minister, a former Deputy Prime Minister, and a former Governor General. Chris is comfortable brokering solutions when the going gets tough.  He received a commendation from the Privy Council Office for crisis-management work he accomplished for the Government of Canada after the attacks on September 11, 2001.

Christopher Deeble – Ottawa Lawyer

Christopher Deeble

In 2009, Christopher Deeble completed his law articles in the Cabinet Confidences section of the Privy Council of Canada. Now, he serves on the board of directors for the Ontario Association for Family Mediation and is a panel member of Collaborative Practice Ottawa.

Christopher Deeble’s law firm is located at #205, 2451 St. Joseph Boulevard. in beautiful Ottawa, Canada.

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