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Opinion Letter From A Lawyer

Are you looking for a common law legal opinion letter? People call and message family lawyers in BC and Ontario all the time asking if they are common law. Obviously, law firms are businesses with costs and are not free legal help hotlines.

Further, common law is complex and requires a lawyer to do research into a client’s particular situation. This often takes a few hours to research and write the letter.

Therefore, at some law firms, they can now offer a common law legal opinion letter. Some lawyers flat-fee this at $700. If you want to get started, the lawyer will need your ID for a conflict check.

You will be required to send the law firm all the information that the lawyer needs. This letter is important as it gives you the ability to do proper planning.

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Common Law Legal Opinion

Common-Law Legal Opinion Letter- What Does Being Common Law Mean?

While talking regarding couples people generally have used the word partner. But under the rule, you too can be a partner if you’re not married. It’s called acting in a “cohabitation-like relationship” when you live with others without getting married (you may call it a common-law marriage). If you do this, the law usually looks after a certain amount of time at you as a partner.

If you want to learn more about common law, see this article.

How is Common Law regarded a partnership?

The amount of time you need to spend in order to become a common-law partner is different for certain federal and provincial laws: some laws classify you as spouses after you’ve been together for a minimum two years, some rules classify you as partners once you’ve lived together for only 1 year, or less BC local law considers you as partners if you’ve stayed together for any amount of time and you’ve lived together.

When you broke up, you share the assets evenly and if either you pay most of the deposit or debt from the cash you had before you were acquainted, or from one person’s gift. The money is often deemed to be excluded land. You get back the excluded property and split equal parts of what is left.

Common Law Legal Opinion

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