Our affordable lawyers are available during COVID-19 to file documents and work on your legal needs. The courts are also now available again.

COVID-19 Ontario Courts | Guide For Hiring A Lawyer

Ontario Lawyers During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Ontario Courts

We have noticed that there is a lot of confusion in the general public about COVID-19 and the Ontario courts. Many people seem to think the courts are closed. This is not true. We have put together this article to ensure the public knows they can still get justice.

The courts in Ontario have been quick to set new rules for how people can hire a lawyer. For the first time, we have seen things in Canadian courts such as video hearings and hearings by filing paperwork only. This is amazing. In many ways, dealing with your legal problem now is better than before. If your lawyer can do a hearing by paperwork (written submissions) it will likely be much cheaper.

Courts have been overwhelmed for a long time, leading to delays in hearings and trials. Something needed to happen, and maybe COVID-19 is the catalyst that will force the courts to change for good.

Our lawyers in Ontario are available to help you right now. It is likely that in-person hearings won’t start until July 2020. Until then, the courts in Ontario have said they are doing the following… If it is possible to send documents, do discovery, and do hearings over the internet, this must happen.

And it is possible as many people have been pushing their cases forward in this way.

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Government Of Canada | COVID-19 Ontario Courts

We have lawyers that can help with the following legal services during COVID-19:

  • help you file for divorce
  • create a separation agreement
  • help with business law
  • help you refinance your mortgage
  • start a civil lawsuit
  • employment law
  • start a hearing for family law (the division of assets, spousal support, child support, and child custody)
  • you can also reach out to us to find out if our lawyers can help you with other areas of law

COVID-19 Ontario Courts

Ontario Ministerial Orders

A recent ministerial order for the Ontario courts has suggested that parties use mediators via video hearings. It suggested that lawyers push their clients to try mediation. If that doesn’t work, the courts are available to hear your legal issue by writing or video. Lawyers have the ability to use their law firm portal to file documents with the courts.

Our lawyers at ClearWay Law have been doing remote working for many years. The COVID-19 crisis is not going to stop our lawyers from getting justice for their clients. There is no need to wait, the courts are available to help you now. Therefore, let’s start a conversation about your legal issues.

COVID-19 In Ontario

Another good reason to hire a lawyer right now is that lawyers are less busy than before. This means that you get a more personalized person than before. During busy times, lawyers can get overwhelmed with clients. Right now, your lawyer will be able to focus on a few cases.

Using today’s technology, the lawyer can e-file documents and attend the hearing over video conference. How amazing is that? Sometimes a lawyer needs to sit in court all day to get heard. That can be very expensive for their clients. Not during COVID-19. Now they get the time of the hearing by email. This can save you big money.

Most clients are comfortable with the idea of using video conferencing to speak to their lawyers. Video chat has been around for years. However, for some reason or another, it wasn’t used by law firms.

Hiring A Lawyer During The Coronavirus Outbreak

ClearWay Law offers a helpful website where you can read a lot about Canadian law. We have over 300 articles and many videos on our Youtube.

If you are not ready to hire a lawyer, you should take some time to read our articles and see our videos. This will help you be better informed when you are ready to move forward. You can also reach out to us and let us know you want to delay the start of your case. It’s possible to tell us “I need a family lawyer, but not until the virus outbreak is over.” Further, we can then talk about your case and answer some of your questions.

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