Dale Barrett

Dale Barrett is both an author and a senior tax lawyer in Toronto, Ontario. He wrote the book ” Tax Survival for Canadians: Stand up to the CRA.” It is a must-read book for anyone who must pay taxes in Canada (which is almost everyone.) Don’t wait until you are in trouble with the CRA to start learning the law. Book a consultation with Dale now.

In addition to helping ClearWay Law clients with their tax issues, Dale manages Lawyers and Lattes and Barrett Tax Law.

Lawyers and Lattes is a one of a kind cafe law firm that is working to try and break down the formalities of hiring a lawyer. It is arguably the only “fun” law firm in Toronto.

Other ClearWay Law lawyers also use Lawyers and Lattes office space from time to time to meet clients for consultations. It’s a great place to meet!

Dale offers tax advice for diverse circumstances:


-US tax law (IRS)

-Dealing with the CRA

-Tax planning

-Unfiled tax returns

If you need to speak with a Toronto tax lawyer, please reach out to us and book a consultation with Dale.