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Dale Barrett

Dale Barrett is both an author and a senior tax lawyer in Toronto, Ontario. He wrote the book ” Tax Survival for Canadians: Stand up to the CRA.” It is a must-read book for anyone who must pay taxes in Canada (which is almost everyone.) Don’t wait until you are in trouble with the CRA to start learning the law. Book a consultation with Dale now.

If you are looking for a Toronto tax lawyer or a family lawyer, please reach out to our law firm at 844-466-6529. The number is toll free. Many people also enjoying reaching out via our live chat function on the website.

In addition to helping ClearWay Law clients with their tax issues, Dale manages Lawyers and Lattes and Barrett Tax Law.

Lawyers and Lattes is a one of a kind cafe law firm that is working to try and break down the formalities of hiring a lawyer. It is arguably the only “fun” law firm in Toronto.

Other ClearWay Law lawyers also use Lawyers and Lattes office space from time to time to meet clients for consultations. It’s a great place to meet! That law firm is located at 511 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N 1B1

ClearWay Law and Lawyers and Lattes have a very close relation although they are two separate law firms. ClearWay Law handles the family law work for Lawyers and Lattes.

Common Lawsuits Your Business Should Know About

Dale offers tax advice for diverse circumstances:

  • Bitcoin
  • US tax law (IRS)
  • Dealing with the CRA
  • Tax planning
  • Unfiled tax returns

If you need to speak with a Toronto tax lawyer, please reach out to us and book a consultation with Dale.

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Tax law is very complicated, and it’s important to have a senior tax lawyer to explain your options. Taking on the CRA by yourself can be very difficult.