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Daycare During Divorce

Dealing with daycare during divorce can be complex. More and more parents are choosing to be returning to the workplace after their children are born. Without family to help care for younger children often couples use home daycare services. This is also often the case for couples who separate as both single parents attempt to provide a similar standard of living for their children in separate homes. Separated couples often have difficulty in communicating with each other, especially with day to day issues. Dealing with daycare can offer a good buffer for conflicting ex-spouses. However, it can also be a cause of great stress if mistreated.

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Dealing with Daycare During Divorce

When using daycare, both parents should make sure to meet and get to know the daycare provider and workers. As both parents are likely to be in almost daily contact with the daycare they should be familiar with the schedule and people working with their children. If ex-spouses have communication issues these should be at least mentioned to the daycare provider so that they can avoid adding to the conflict in cases to ensure things such as providing updates and schedule changes to both parents instead of just the primary caregiver for example. In some cases having an outside party who can pass on positive news about the children to arguing parents can act to relieve some of the stress. It might reduce the anger the parties have for each other.

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Daycare During Divorce
Daycare During Divorce

If one parent wishes to utilize their family members for lower cost daycare this should be discussed between the parents. If you have reservations against this occurring make sure to inform your lawyer. Tell the lawyer so they can deal with the issue as soon as possible. This should happen before a regular schedule is set up with this specific family member.

In certain cases providers may take issue with parents who misuse their business as part of their personal disagreements. Have you have been having issues with your current daycare provider? Further, maybe your ex-spouse is arranging daycare without your input? You should make sure to discuss these issues with your family lawyer.

You can work together with your lawyer to improve communication with your spouse. Further, this will ensure that you are receiving up to date relevant information. This information might be about where your child is being cared for while you and your ex-partner are working. This is something you deserve to know as a parent.

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