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Devinder Brar

*As of March 2020, we have switched our law firm from Devinder Brar Professional Corporation to an Ontario law corp. As such, Clearway Law is no longer affiliated with the professional corporation.

‘ClearWay Law’ was the trade name of Devinder Brar Professional Corporation—a company incorporated under the laws of Alberta. Devinder Brar Professional Corporation is licensed to provide legal services in Alberta.

Historic content (pre-March 2020):

Devinder lives in Calgary, Alberta and was a board member of ClearWay Law. She has been a lawyer for over 15 years in the areas of criminal and family law.

Devinder BrarDevinder Brar Does Not Practice For The Firm

The professional corporation is owned and controlled by Devinder. Ms. Brar is a lawyer, licensed to practice law in Alberta. The organization, ownership, and control of the professional corporation are in compliance with Alberta law society rules and other provincial law society rules. Devinder is not a lawyer for ClearWay Law and in no way practices for the law firm.

Devinder Brar Professional Corporation provides legal services through lawyers who are appropriately licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, British Columbia or Alberta. These lawyers provide their services under service agreements with Devinder Brar Professional Corporation which are typical in legal practices across the country. These agreements set out basic practice and compensation expectations. They are subject to the laws, rules, and guidelines established by the various law societies.

ClearWay Management

The professional corporation has engaged the services of ClearWay Management Ltd to provide non-legal services to the professional corporation in the operation of its various locations. ClearWay’s services include the supervision, administration, and management of employees and independent contractors, marketing, accounting or obtaining and managing equipment or other leases. ClearWay is bound by strict confidentiality obligations protecting the information of the professional corporation and its clients.

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