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Discussing Separation With The Children

Discussing Separation With The Children

Discussing separation can be very difficult. During the initial phases of separation with children, it can be a hectic and confusing time for everyone. Children specifically can have a lot of difficulties in coping with a change to the family dynamic. Changes in living arrangements and access time can be hard.

They need to get used to this instead of an abundance of time with one parent or the other. Some people want to take the lead and discuss many issues with their children before major changes take place. It needs to be remembered that at the onset of a separation emotions are often running high. It can be easy for one parent or the other to point fingers and place blame at the other when discussing issues with their children.

This needs to be avoided at all costs! It is important to help your children understand the changes taking place in their day to day live You should consult a ClearWay Law lawyer first in order to come up with a suitable way of explaining things to your children.

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Discussing Separation With The Children

As with many issues people deal with during a separation or divorce, both parents need to be levelheaded and have a discussion. The goal is to come up with how to talk about the subject with their children. When dealing with younger children it can be best to keep such discussions until they are of an age where they can begin to understand what is occurring.

While each child may be at a different maturity level it’s important that the parents can work together on how to discuss their separation. This can make the process much easier for the children. Is the other parent discussing topics regarding the separation with the children and presenting you in a negative light? Make sure to discuss this matter with your ClearWay Law lawyer to help to deal with communication issues.

If this is the case you may need to take action. If the issue is creating parental alienation between yourself and your children. It needs to be remembered that during a separation, there might be hurt feelings and high stress. The children should still be kept out of the conflict as much as possible.

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Sole Custody Orders

Sole custody orders can be a hard thing to understand. Have you signed off on your ex has sole custody of your children? This does not take away all of your parental rights. Most of the time the parent that has an order for sole custody of children will use it as the final say. They do this for every issue and argument that comes up between them and the other parent. In the majority of cases, such an order can provide more control of a number of things to the custodial parent who has sole custody. But you need to be aware that they cannot simply do whatever they want with the child.

One major point is that they cannot keep you from spending time or receiving updates about your child. A sole custody order does not act to ban a parent from seeing their child. In some cases, access time with your child may be severely limited at the beginning of your court file. You will still likely be successful in obtaining some parenting time for you to have with your child. You can still ask for health, education, and general updates regarding your child.

Sole Custody Lawyers

Discussing Separation And Getting Custody

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Even if you do not have custody, as the parent of a child you have the right to information about their health, education, and general wellbeing. Is the parent who has sole custody is refusing to share that information with you? It is likely that your lawyer will be successful in forcing your ex-spouse to provide this information to you on a go-forward basis if you have to fight about the issue in court.

family law guardianship

Is your ex-spouse is trying to force you to agree to:

  • changing your child’s name
  • moving with your child out of town
  • traveling with your child overseas without providing you with details of the trip

You need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible in order to determine what your options are to ensure that your parental rights are being protected and enforced.

Can Homestay Family Be Guardians of Underage Students??

Anyone can be a guardian as long as they qualify. Further, there should be no objections.

Can My Family Have Legal Guardianship Over Me?

Yes, if your family qualifies to be a guardian (which they probably would.)

How Do You Give Guardianship to a Family Member?

You will hire a lawyer to create a guardianship agreement. Then the law firm will file the paperwork with the courts.

Which cities do you have lawyers in?

Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto.

Can it get complicated?

Yes, it depends on if anyone wants to fight in court.

How does ClearWay Law work?

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