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Dishonest Real Estate Agents


Dishonest Real Estate Agents 

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The story below is about a Realtor accused of picking fruits during a property showing.

The idea of listing one of my properties and having random people walk around my house while I am not at home has always made me uncomfortable.

This is especially true when it’s an open house, and there might be ten people in the property, and one Realtor to watch them. People could steal things of value.

This is exactly what happened to Jill Chan of BC.

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The Realtor stealing fruits from the homeowner’s trees with others. (Jill Von Dae/Facebook)


The Realtor Was Caught On Camera


When Ms. Chan, the homeowner returned back to her property after the showing, she noticed that all her fruit was gone. The homeowner went to check the camera records and was shocked. She could see the Realtor loading up bags from his car with all of her Pears.

She posted her video on Facebook and it went viral.

“After noticing our large pear tree and beautiful berry bushes in our garden, and taking advantage of the fact that we weren’t present on-site, he started picking the fruit off the trees and eating it,” Chan wrote describing the video.

The Realtor didn’t just take some fruits, or a lot of fruit, he took all of the fruits. Every last one.

The Realtor, Peter Yang, was not even the agent who was working for Ms. Chan. He was the real estate agent for the potential buyers.

Dishonest real estate agents are all over the place in Vancouver BC.

Dealing With The Issue

Ms. Chan of course filed a complaint with the Realtor’s regulator so that they can investigate.

She’s since filed a complaint with the Real Estate Board.

Realtors have a code of conduct, and professionalism is first and foremost because we are dealing with a lot of money on behalf of our clients,” said chair Colette Gerber.

The Real Estate Council of BC wrote “As agents, real estate professionals have a responsibility to act honestly and to put their client’s interests ahead of their own. RECBC is committed to protecting real estate consumers and enforcing high standards of professional conduct.”

The Realtor could be fined $30K, or have his license taken away.

Dishonest Real Estate Agents

Peter Yang works for Luxmore Realty. The Brokerage publicly apologized, but there was no mention if Mr. Yang was disciplined or let go.

There is no doubt that this Realtor should lose their license. He should never be allowed to show another property without supervision again.

This is the reason I created a website to operate as a Realtor connection tool for the public. We investigate Realtors and only allow the best ones on our platform. If we see any dishonest actions by a real estate agent, we would never refer anyone to them again.

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