Divorce Among Polyamorist Groups

For those that are not familiar with what a polyamorist is, it is often called an open relationship. It is different to bigamy which means being married to two people at once and is illegal.

One or both spouses date and/or sleep with more than one person but it is not considered “cheating.” This is because all parties agree and there are no secrets. Sometimes it is simply defined as non-monogamy or an open relationship. People that engage in these kinds of relationships often believe it is important to be with more than one person to be happy. They may have tried a monogamous marriage for several years and want to do something adventurous.

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Divorce Rates for Polyamorist Relationships

Divorce rates are high as many people try to be polyamorous instead of getting a divorce. This means that the marriage is likely already broken at the time of entering the open marriage. They are doing it to try and save their relationship. Many times it is only a temporary fix.

One of the main reasons for divorce is that if someone has multiple relationships they have to divide their limited time between multiple partners. If someone works 9-5pm, and then does errands until 7pm, they might only have three hours of time to spend with their loved one. Which loved one deserves their time? What about on Christmas or Valentines Day? Jealousy can occur because lack of attention even if it doesn’t occur because of your spouse having sex with someone else. What if there is a big event planned, who should you bring?


Some people might be okay with sexual activity with multiple people but what about emotional cheating? Is it okay to send a valentine’s day card to someone else? Be very careful entering into a polyamorist relationship to save your marriage. Everyone has their own definition for cheating.

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Are you living with multiple people or entering into a marriage like relationship with someone else? Make sure to get a cohabitation agreement done. Make sure your marriage agreement is updated if needed. You don’t want to get caught up in a complicated common law and divorce claim involving asset division, spousal support and possibily even child support.

Sometimes if a non biological parent treats a child as if they were the parent, the law might make them pay child support. Never just assume you understand family law. It’s extremely complex and changes all the time.

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