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Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Are you looking for a Divorce Lawyer In Edmonton? Going through a divorce is difficult and going through the court process to initiate and finalize your divorce is even more difficult. Stress and anxiety are just a few of the emotions one will go through during the divorce. It is highly advisable to get advice about your situation from a divorce lawyer or more commonly known in Alberta, a separation lawyer.

A divorce lawyer will be able to assist you with all your questions that you might be asking your friends and family. An example of some questions that most people going through a divorce think of are:

“He/She obtained an exclusive possession order; do I have to leave the house?”

“What happens to our joint bank accounts?”

“What happens to our house?”

“I had investments before our marriage, do those assets get divided too?”

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Best Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

You will have a lot on your mind but remember don’t take legal advice from someone whose gone through a divorce! Though they may be able to provide you with some general guidance, your situation and family dynamic is completely unique and unlike any other. Therefore, it will be best to explain your specific situation to your divorce lawyer. Your separation lawyer will then be able to best guide you in getting through the divorce as efficiently and economically as possible.

Make sure to consult a divorce lawyer right away! You want to be able to take control of the situation from the start. Don’t be afraid to consult a few divorce lawyers before you settle on the one to handle your matter. Your divorce is a highly personal and sensitive matter. You don’t want a divorce lawyer who is only highly aggressive and only in it for the money. You need a lawyer who is compassionate and understands your situation. A divorce lawyer who is able to understand your situation and negotiate for your best interests with the opposing counsel will be the best solution for you. A balanced approach by the divorce lawyer can decrease animosity between the individuals and decrease the chances of your matter ending up in Court. Going to Court should not be the first priority, rather having your divorce finalized amicably should be the priority from the onset.

Best Divorce Lawyer Edmonton
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton Cost

You will also want to see whether the divorce lawyer you choose fits the type of approach you want to take through the divorce. If you know that there is a lot of animosity between you and your ex and nothing will be resolved through negotiations, then you need a divorce lawyer who is confident in advocating for your best interests in Court. Oral advocacy is a skill that not all divorce lawyers will possess. Conversely, not all divorce lawyers will be great negotiators and if your divorce leans towards amicability you will need to ensure that the divorce lawyer you choose is not the one that will take anything and everything to Court!

Finding the right divorce lawyer can be difficult but with a little bit of patience and starting your search early you will position yourself to come out ahead.  ClearWay Law has made things easier by doing the research for you. We only sign up the best lawyers that we can find to ClearWay Law. We want lawyers that are amazing at communication and work hard for their clients. ClearWay Law also wants Alberta lawyers that care about winning. At the same time, we want lawyers that understand and push settlement as a first option.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton South

Our lawyers are flexible and can offer several offices to meet. When you contact us, we will tell you which lawyer is available to meet with you. If you book an appointment on our website, a divorce lawyer will call you at the time you choose. The lawyer will give you a free consultation over the phone. If things go well, they will invite you to meet at their office if needed. If it’s a simple matter (a marriage agreement) sometimes they can start drafting it without even meeting. It’s up to you how fast you want to go.

If you have a court date booked, it’s important to speak to an Edmonton lawyer right away. It will take the separation lawyer some time to learn about your case. Then the lawyer will need to prepare for court. If you don’t hire a lawyer, and your spouse does, then if you lose in court you might have to pay your spouse’s legal fees.

We have lawyers that can meet, based on availability, around the South Edmonton Common area. They serve the Blue Quill, Heritage Valley, Royal Gardens, and Summerside areas.



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