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Divorce Mistakes To Avoid | Divorce Process

Four common mistakes that happen during a divorce

We have put together a list of divorce mistakes to avoid. In every relationship, everyone wishes they will have a fairy-tale ending. They want a “happily ever after”. But did you know that the divorce rate in Canada alone is up to 38%? This is according to the latest Statistics Canada data. Wanting a divorce comes from a variety of reasons. But the most common reason is a lack of communication.

There are many divorce mistakes to avoid, so hire a top family lawyer to help you. You can call us toll-free at 1-844-466-6529

You’re tired of the constant arguments. Tired from problems escalating quickly and blowing up in your face. It’s tiring physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some couples just want to get out. The only solution they can think of is filing for a divorce.

Common Questions and Answers | Divorce lawyers

How much does divorce cost?

There are two different parts of divorce, the separation agreement and the filing of the divorce.

How much does a separation agreement cost?

We can do a simple separation agreement for a flat fee of $1100. If you need negotiation or changes, the costs are $350/hour.

And what about divorce costs?

To file your divorce online is cheaper. We can do it for $1200 + the court fees. The court fees are less if you do it online instead of in the courts.

We’ll be discussing the most common divorce mistakes. This will give you an idea of what not to do during this difficult time. We will also tackle the concept of getting a family lawyer. We will explain what they can do for you. Finally, how to choose the right one as your representative.

If you need to go to court, get a lawyer and ask them to push for costs if they win your case. Your spouse might have to end up paying all or some of your legal fees. We can connect you to the best lawyers who offer court services in Toronto.

Surely, you can’t just grab a lawyer from any firm and have them represent you. You need to make sure that they will always have your best interests at heart. You don’t want them to work for you just because you can pay them for their services. Getting a divorce doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your world. Whether it affects you positively or negatively, it will be all up to you.

Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

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Common Divorce Mistakes

We have 10+ people call us a day explaining the excruciating pain of preparing for a divorce. You might have never been through this before, and we are here to help you. Get away from sleepless nights, the moments we reflect on what went wrong. Stop thinking about how it got to this point, worrying about properties, finances, child custody and a lot more. No one can handle situations like these without stress. But avoiding the common mistakes below can help you in the long run.

Things can get nasty with divorces; we have seen people go after retirement accounts or empty financial accounts. It’s important to hire a law firm that can help you with divorce negotiations without heating things up.

If things do heat up, we can help you with divorce proceedings, which means putting together the papers for litigation.

Don’t Be Held Liable| Divorce Settlement

Yes, we understand, you probably have major disagreements or even hate your partner, and in your opinion, this person made your life a living hell. But badmouthing your ex to other people like your family or friends is a big no-no. This will affect everyone around you, like your kids, close family members, and friends too.

Whether it’s before or after the divorce, don’t do it. It’s better to check with your lawyer if it’s needed in the case, but it will still depend. If you can’t help it, hire a therapist so that you can vent out properly.

Divorce Mistakes To Avoid- Letting Your Emotions Decide

No one can ever handle themselves properly for this. It’s like a meteor shower of emotions aimed right at you, and you can’t hide from it or protect yourself from it. It’s okay to feel that way, we’re not robots who are emotionally numb.

What’s not okay is to use this as an excuse to make decisions based on these negative emotions. Letting your emotions get the best of you will result in a negative outcome for your divorce and it will have negative implications in the future as well.

Don’t drag the divorce out just to get revenge, it affects the people involved in your divorce like your children and loved ones. So do yourself a favor, again if you can’t bottle it up, talk to your family therapist and work with your lawyer so that they can help you make the right decision.

Divorce Settlement| Mistakes To Avoid

No one wants to lose a divorce case, and it all depends on how good your divorce attorney is. Even if you feel like your ex has the upper hand on you, don’t EVER resort to lying just to get an advantage. Be honest throughout the court proceedings.

Include everything and present everything to your lawyer. This includes financial statements, retirement records, tax records and everything else. Don’t ever leave anything out. Before hiring a lawyer, make sure you have all the paperwork and documentation needed.

Not Focusing On The Details| Divorce Financial Planning

You’re tired, stressed out and you just want it to end. We understand how tedious this is for you, but you should still focus on the details. Some divorce process can be lengthy, and you might not see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, but you will.

And while you’re waiting for that, during these discussions, it might lead you to open up about some intimate segments of your life. And getting concrete proof of this is essential. If the children are involved, you’ll need to provide information about their school performance, any doctor’s appointments, any extra activities or things they do and a lot more.

If it’s you who’s paying for the bills, you need to provide a record and a proper one at that to be able to claim reimbursements should you want to do so. When the situation is hard, most divorcees would try to handle it alone, which leads to more mistakes down the wire. And in doing so, they prolong the process even more, and the costs can be high.

Divorce Mistakes To Avoid- How Can A Family Lawyer help?

Most family law practices will always focus on representing their clients in their divorce issues and all other issues that come with it. But each family lawyer will have their methods of tackling a specific case since the reasons might be the same, but how it got to that point and the people or circumstances involved will always be unique. And here are some things that they can assist you with.

Handling Prenuptial Agreements | Divorce Process

Most commonly known as a “prenup”, it’s a written contract created by a couple before they get married. A prenup will consist of all the properties that they both have, which includes debts (if there’s any) and they would need to say what would be each other’s property rights will be once they get married.

Some would say that prenups are only for the wealthy, but not really. A lot of people would do prenups for a variety of reasons like protection from debts, clarifying financial rights or avoiding any possible arguments in case any of them would file for divorce.

Handling Child Custody Agreements

This normally happens when a married couple with children files for a divorce. It includes a variety of things such as which parent will have primary physical custody of the children, whether custody will be evenly split between both parents or one of them will have more time. It might also discuss child support provisions and visitation times, depending on the divorce situation.

Handling Estates and Wills

A will is a document meant for people wishing how their properties would be managed in case they die. Your family lawyer’s focus is to make sure that everything that’s stipulated in their clients’ will would be followed.

The importance of getting a good family lawyer can’t be emphasized enough. Yes, you can represent yourself in court if that’s what you want but getting a family lawyer will give you the expertise, the best advice and the best way to tell you what to do in your situation. These lawyers are knowledgeable about everything there is to know about settling issues regarding divorce matters, child custody, and estate administration among other issues affecting families.

Divorce Mistakes To Avoid- Choosing a Family Lawyer

Here are some things that you may want to consider in choosing the perfect family lawyer to handle your divorce case. These will not only ease up your selection process, but it will also help you in making the right decision.

Find a lawyer who has experience

A lot of people would agree that finding a lawyer who has “seen it all” would be a great asset to what you want to achieve when you step into that courtroom. Each divorce case might be different from another, but it all boils down to one thing – resolution. The experience will come a long way and checking their portfolio to see the past cases they’ve handled would be beneficial for you in the long run.

Don’t just go for someone you’ve searched online

The internet is great, but when it comes to handling your divorce case, I would consider Google to just be a point of reference. Don’t let it decide for you. Don’t go grabbing the top search result under “Who’s the best family lawyer in Canada” or “Divorce lawyers in Canada”. Why? Because you need to find a family lawyer who’ll put your best interests at heart, not someone who just wants your money.

Divorce Mistakes To Avoid- To sum things up

Once you follow all these steps, you don’t have to worry about anything else. We’re sure you’ll be able to make the right decision from here. So once that you’ve found your lawyer of choice, tell them everything you need, and they will take care of the rest for you. But for additional help, let me tell you what we can do for you at Clearway Law.

Mistakes To AvoidHere at Clearway Law, we focus on what you need for you and your family. We are proud to say that our team is passionate about you. We have top family lawyers available who want to know what your problems are. The top lawyers can then explain how to resolve it. You can book a free 15-minute consultation on our main webpage. and that’s normally all the time we need to get a grasp of your issues. Once you hire us our lawyers will work with you to get it resolved. With our team of experienced family law lawyers, we guarantee that every case is treated with urgency, care, and respect.

How We Help You:

There are family lawyers on our platform that can do the following (not a complete list):

  • child support
  • helping with divorce negotiations
  • divorce settlement
  • divorce proceedings

We can help explain the divorce process. If you want to learn more about family law, have a look at our videos.