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Employment Lawyer Mississauga

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Are you looking for an Employment Lawyer in Mississauga that can help with employment contracts, wrongful dismissal claims, and legal advice? We have lawyers in Mississauga that can help the company protect themselves from liability. Also, we have employment law lawyers that can represent someone dealing with an employment law problem.

There are employment standards laws that must be followed during Mississauga employment. If there is a problem at work, you should book a free consultation with a lawyer in Mississauga as soon as possible.

Employment lawyers can handle anything from employment contracts to contract lawsuits. Sometimes someone has a long term disability and wants to hire a lawyer to get compensation. Don’t assume you are not entitled to compensation. If you ask your employer yourself, the answer will likely be no. However, when a request comes from law firms, many people take it more seriously. Law firms almost always get responses to demand letters.

A demand letter when you are wrongfully dismissed or have a labor law issue might only cost $150-300. The letter might ask for $10,000 in compensation. It is worth asking for!

Please to an employment lawyer in Mississauga today. You can call us below or book a time for the lawyer to call you. Also, you can fill out the form on the side of this page.

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Human Resource Manager

The demand letter will often go to the human resource department. The HR manager will know more about labor laws than other managers. It is best to deal with someone who will take your claim seriously.
You need to know your workplace rights and obligations. A lot of people ignore their problems because they think they are no ways to fix it. That is a big mistake. Employment lawyers have jobs because there are workplace rights and laws. For example, a lot of people quit their jobs before speaking to an employment lawyer. They just want to get out of the company office and start looking for a new job.
If something bad has happened to you at work, you can get legal advice from a lawyer today. Let’s say that “Bob Smith” is a casual employee at a restaurant. After three years, Mr. Smith became a full-time employee. If Bob Smith gets fired, he might want to know if he should receive compensation from the company. This would be for the time he spent as a casual employee.
A lawyer might tell you that a title doesn’t replace your rights. Just because a company calls you something, it doesn’t hide the facts.
Wrongfully Dismissed

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Wrongfully Dismissed? Speak To A Employment Lawyer In Mississauga

Some people it easier to find work with you already have a job. Make sure you get enough notice. If the notice isn’t enough, make sure you will get a large severance package. A lot of companies don’t like it when employees hang around after being fired. That is because it can affect the morale of the other staff.
If you are working from home, it should be part of the agreement. When your employer wants to change it, they will have to renegotiate your agreement. If not, it’s constructive dismissal. This happens when the company changes your terms so much that it’s similar to a layoff.
Let’s say that someone works in marketing at a construction company. They then get told they can work as a construction worker instead of their marketing desk job. This is constructive dismissal if the marketing person does not want to do it. The terms of employment have changed in a big way. The original employment terms are no longer the same. It applies to any significant change. This can also mean that your salary has been changed in a big way.
If this happens, speak to an employment lawyer. You might be able to leave and collect your severance. You only have one chance to make the claim for constructive dismissal. It’s required to let the company know if you are okay with it or not. It’s also possible to let the employer know you are willing to give it a try for a few weeks. However, you must let them know that’s your plan.


Lawyers In Mississauga

Firing an employee for cause is very hard for a company. The company can not change the terms of the employment contract, and then fire you for not making the targets. If the company is going to increase your targets, they need to help you meet your targets. Firing someone for this would be wrongful dismissal.
An employee cannot be blamed for things that are outside of their control. Our employment lawyers have seen clients that were fired for going on maternal leave. The employee can tell the company when they are ready to leave for their leave. There is no requirement to give a certain amount of notice.
As you can see, employment law in Mississauga is very diverse. It’s best to book a free consultation with a lawyer today to speak about your legal issues.
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