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Looking for a estate dispute lawyer in Toronto? We have estate dispute lawyers in Toronto and Ottawa. At ClearWay Law, if our clients don’t want to pay hourly, we try and accommodate them. We can offer flat fee for some family law and estate dispute issues.

estate dispute lawyersSome clients want to pay flat fees or contingency fees for estate disputes because they don’t like the “sky is the limit” possibility that can come with hourly rates. Also, they like that flat fee and contingency fees encourage the lawyer to get the best result as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, some clients prefer to pay hourly because they only want to pay for the work that gets done by the estate lawyer.

Neither one is right or wrong. It depends on the client.

If you need to book a meeting with one of our estate lawyers, please do one of the following:

  1. Call us 24/7 toll free at 844-466-6LAW (529)
  2. Book a time online using our easy to use booking system

Estate Dispute Lawyer Toronto- Hourly Rates:

Estate lawyers: $250.00-$495.00

Legal assistants: $125.00

Labour intensive tasks should be done by legal assistants and more junior estate lawyers to save you money.

If the matter is not a simple agreement that needs to be created, you will be asked to provide a retainer, which is often around $3000-5000. This is money that is held in a special trust account and will be applied to your final bill. Anything left over in trust would be returned to you.

For contingency fees there is no trust money required. You will only be asked to pay a flat fee disbursement to cover costs. Please note that contingency fees for family law are currently not allowed in Ontario. There are several groups that are trying to change that as they feel this reduces access to justice for low income persons.

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Estate litigation can be messy. When a high net worth individual has become deceased it is not uncommon for people to make claim over assets. It may be required to hire an estate litigation lawyer to either defend the will or to help you make a claim against the will.

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Defending the Will

If you are listed as a recipient of assets under the will of the deceased and someone has challenged the will, you will need to respond.

Making an Estate Claim

If you feel you have unfairly been left out of a will or the person who wrote the will was not mentally sane at the time of writing the will, we can help you make a claim.

Frequently asked Questions

What is your family and divorce lawyer fee structure?

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What are the divorce procedures in my province?

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Can we flat fee each part of the divorce process?

It may be possible to flat fee each event that happens in the divorce process.

Our family law firm often gets asked if it is required to have a lawyer for the divorce. We always suggest at minimum booking a consultation with a family lawyer before signing divorce papers.

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Even though it is possible to sign divorce papers without a lawyer, it is important that both parties understand their rights and obligations. Also sometimes if a party didn’t get legal advice before signing, they can later challenge the validly of the divorce agreement. Therefore, it’s important to speak to a lawyer.

There are different ways to book a consultation with our estate dispute lawyers:

  1. Use our 24/7 booking system (easy to use)
  2. Call us on our toll free number at 844-466-6LAW (529)

There are rare circumstances where the person who wrote the will was tricked by a con-person into writing them into the will. If this is the case, please reach out to us right away. Police might get involved to investigate potential fraud.

Toronto Estate Dispute Lawyers

It is often a great first step to get everyone together in the same room for a mediation. Often there is a lot of miscommunication and stress around estate issues. Our estate lawyers will encourage everyone to listen to each other and to treat each other with respect.

At the same time it is the job of our estate lawyers to make sure you feel empowered throughout the estate litigation process. You have rights that need to be upheld and protected.

It is also the job of our lawyers to make sure you understand the litigation process. We take complex legal jargon and present the information to our clients in a way that is easy for our clients to understand.

Estate Dispute Lawyer Toronto- Monthly detailed accounts

If you are paying under an hourly rate plan instead of a flat fee or contingency fee you will receive a detailed account at the end of the month. This will explain in detail the work that has been done on your file and how many hours each estate lawyer and law clerk worked on your file. Further, you will have a chance to go over your account with your lawyer if you have any questions. You will never receive a bill for more than the retainer you provided.

If things change with your case and it becomes more complicated a larger retainer may be required.

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Our estate litigation lawyers do not accept legal aid certificates. We offer service in both Toronto and Ottawa.

In conclusion, looking for a estate dispute lawyer in Toronto? Call us toll free at 844-466-6529

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Estate Litigation Lawyer Ontario

An experienced estate litigation lawyer in Canada can assist you. Have you recently been named in a conflict? Do you anticipate that your rights have been breached and that you have grounds for estate litigation?

An estate litigation attorney is an important component of your overall strategy to respond to this type of dispute. You might also hear this person referred to as a probate litigation lawyer or trust and estate litigation attorney.

Within Canada, when an estate dispute emerges, it is important to have legal representation as soon as possible. An experienced estate attorney will be able to tell you more about your rights and obligations and can assist you with all aspects of your case.

No one wants to find themselves in the midst of a litigated dispute, but when you are in this position, the support of the right lawyer can make a big difference. Your lawyer might be able to help you avoid litigation altogether through negotiation or your probate attorney can tell you more about how to prepare for the litigation process.

Toronto Estate Litigation in Basics

Unfortunately, estate litigation across Canada has become far more common. There are many different types of issues that can lead to lengthy, invasive and frustrating litigation issues if you do not have the necessary support of estate lawyers to help you right away.

An estate litigation lawyer will evaluate the issues in your case and give you a further recommendation about how to proceed.

Situations that lead to estate litigation include:

  • Inadequate provisions for dependence.
  • Poorly selected executors.
  • Allegations that a testator did not have testamentary capacity.
  • Situations involving estate planning concerns over conflicts with children from a first marriage or a second spouse.
  • Disposition of sentimental properties.
  • Complicated estates.
  • Major changes made in a testator’s will.
  • Siblings that are not treated equally within a will.

Estate Dispute Lawyer Toronto- Estate Law Firm

Unfortunately, these kinds of situations drawn from an allegedly poorly drafted will or an ill-conceived estate plan can have far reaching implications. These can sustain animosity between family members and prompt estate litigation.

This estate litigation without the support of experienced probate attorneys could drag on for months or years, delaying the handing down of the assets from inside the estate. This can also cause long lasting family conflicts if each party is not aware of his or her responsibilities or rights.

Whether you are a beneficiary or an executor, you may need the services of an experienced estate litigation lawyer. Both beneficiaries and executors, including non-profit and charity beneficiaries and residual beneficiaries, can be involved in dispute resolution services with the help of an estate litigation lawyer. This can include negotiations and mediation for the resolution of very complicated and highly emotional estate matters.

When out of court alternative dispute resolution methods cannot achieve success, an experienced attorney is there to guide the client through the litigation process.

What to Expect with Estate Litigation In Toronto

If you have never been involved in estate litigation before, this can be an overwhelming and confusing process. Most frequently, estate litigation in Canada involves common disputes. This occurs between family acquaintances and family members. They are often contesting the contents or the legitimacy of a will.

The insight of a probate lawyer in Canada can assist with the legal evaluation of these issues and can represent those individual clients all the way through trust and estate litigation. There are many complicating factors involved in estate law such as the numerous cases and laws that define the obligations and rights of parties in estate disputes.

An experienced estate litigation lawyer will understand the emotional and financial stakes involved in probate litigation and the client’s need for closure and a successful outcome.

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Estate litigation can also be related to disputes over probate fees. It can also be about dependent support claims that have threatened the overall value of the estate. Managing these types of challenges requires the experienced and talented services of a trust attorney.

A probate litigation attorney can work in conjunction with other professionals. This might include someone such as a real estate lawyer. They will help you explain the underlying legal issues involved in the case. Your  estate litigation attorney should have a track record of getting results for clients. They should understand the personal implications of these case outcomes.

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We can help with the interpretation of a will dispute. We can also do a will challenge or beneficiary dispute. Further, we can help with a dependent support claim or passing of account dispute. You need the support of a lawyer who is highly familiar with this complicated area of the law. Get an honest appraisal of the strength of your case when you speak with an attorney who has significant experience in this practice area.

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