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Family Law In China

Family Law In China


Are you looking for help with family law In China? Chinese law can be complicated, so you will need to hire a lawyer in China. Our company helps people in foreign countries deal with the law in China. Family law is developing in China, so you need a lawyer that can provide you with legal advice. If you are located in Australia, a local lawyer will not be able to help you. Our company mainly helps people from Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. However, we get other English speaking people from around the world contact us when they need a lawyer in China.
We have a deal with some of the largest law firms in China. This means we can connect you with a lawyer anywhere in China. This is a free lawyer referral service in China that we operate for the public. You don’t have to pay us, the law firms pay us for connecting them with clients. We can even connect you with multiple law firms with different pricing levels. It’s a great service that people love.

Going To Chinese Court

Divorce in the United States or New Zealand is complicated. However, when you throw in a cross border dispute into the mix, it becomes extremely complicated. Let’s say that you were in Orlando, Florida. You married someone from Beijing, China. You and your spouse have properties both in Florida and Beijing. It would be required to hire a lawyer in Florida to deal with those properties and laws. You would then have to hire a lawyer in Beijing to deal with the properties in China. It is impossible that the Orlando attorney would know what to do in China. We have translators and attorneys who can speak English in China.
If you are living in China already, we can also help you. We can book you a consultation with a lawyer in any of the major cities listed below. You might be looking for financial support after you break up. Or you might be defending against having to provide financial support. Either way, we can help you. Chances are you don’t want to appear in a Chinese court. There are a lot of reports of discrimination against foreigners in the Chinese court. That is why you need to hire a Chinese lawyer who is an expert in Chinese law. That is the only chance you have for victory!
Here are some things a family lawyer in China can help you with:
  • international families
  • child custody
  • cross border divorce
  • explaining marriage laws in China
  • marital agreements
  • Chinese court


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Chinese National Lawyers Locations

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Family Law In China

We will explain how the family court in China is different. There are rumours that in places like South Africa and the United States the mother often gets custody of the kids. In China, it’s pretty much the exact opposite. The father in China normally get’s custody of the children. When you get married in China, the son will often buy a house for the family. However, the house will stay on title for the husbands family. In 2011, the laws changed for divorce in China. This was due to the housing bubble in China. The court often rules in favor of the man in China.

If the woman hires a lawyer, they often get around 200,000 RMB as a lump sum payout. If they do not hire a lawyer, they often get nothing.

Some people get divorced just do that they can purchase more property. Married couples can only purchase a certain amount of properties. Further, they are still in a relationship, but they are legally divorced. Some people that married Chinese women have to make a cash payment. It is over around $2000 in USA dollars.

Cross Border Divorce

China is a place where connections are very important. There can be a lot of shame on a divorced women. Things are changing, but it is taking time. If you are single divorced women with a kid, it’s extremely hard to get married again. If you are fighting someone with money, they can afford a great law firm and destroy you. However, you might be able to get a lump sum payment. Foreigners sometimes get in trouble, even with divorce, and their assets will get deported and their assets will be seized and sold.

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When you have a family law issue, it can destroy your life. It can keep you up all night and affect your health. You want to fix your legal problems as soon as possible. Don’t assume that you can’t deal with your problem in China. The law in China changes all the time. Marriage laws are even more complicated as divorce isnt’ seen as acceptable in China.

Get help with the China legal system today.

In conclusion, if you want to learn more about working with a China family lawyer, see our videos.