Family Law Mediators in BC

With the opening of our law firm in Duncan BC, ClearWay Law now offers Family Law Mediators in BC. Our family mediator is Barbara Read-Greenan, a family lawyer in Duncan. Barbara also serves the Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, Nanaimo and Saltspring Island.

Her law firm location is at 103-255 Ingram St in Duncan BC. It is around a 42-minute drive from Nanaimo to her office in Duncan. Barbara has around 20 years of family law experience in BC.

If you are looking for Family Law Mediators in BC, please call our divorce law firm toll free at 1-844-466-6529

You can also call Barbara’s Duncan local office directly at  250-856-0518

We have put together a list of questions that our Family Law Mediators in BC often get asked. Education is important for people going through a family law matter, even if they have a family lawyer representing them.

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Family Law Mediators in BC

Q: What is an expert witness for a family law matter?

A: The goal of mediation is to keep the matter out of family court. It is still important to understand how family court works in case mediation fails. An expert witness is brought in to help the court make a decision. The witness can be brought in by either party or can also be appointed by the family law court. The expert will prepare a report and give testimony.

Q: How is evidence admissibility determined?

A: There are four important things the family court will look for in the admissibility of evidence.

  1. Is the person an expert?
  2. The absence of any exclusionary rule
  3. Relevance
  4. Necessity in assisting the trier of fact

The point of mediation is to keep the matter out of court. Sometimes if mediation fails, the matter can go to arbitration instead of court. The benefit of arbitration is that there is no chance of appeal, which should reduce the total cost of the family law dispute. Also, mediation and arbitration are private, whereas family law court is public. This means anyone can show up, and rulings are often made public.

Family Law Mediators in BC- 1-844-466-6529