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Family Responsibility Office

Family Responsibility Office

Do you have a Ontario family law case that deals with support? You should discuss with a family lawyer how and when to contact and utilize the services provided by the Family Responsibility Office (F.R.O.).  F.R.O. is the best way for a person to enforce their court orders and domestic agreements to make sure that their support is collected efficiently and quickly.

It’s tempting for many people to contact F.R.O. right after they obtain their support orders. There should still be attempts to work with the paying party to ensure payments are made regularly and on time with a monthly schedule. The F.R.O. will only become involved if there is proof that the paying party is shirking their payment responsibilities.

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Family Responsibility Office

Family Responsibility Office

The F.R.O. should be utilized by those who wish to avoid additional stress and confrontation when dealing with non-paying parties. The F.R.O. has the ability to suspend a person’s driver’s license or passport. They can also garnish wages and freeze bank accounts as necessary. This is done to ensure that the paying party gets the message that they are required to make all of their support payments to the best of their abilities.

It should also be remembered that not all payments are withheld on purpose. The F.R.O. will work with the paying party to make concessions in the instances that other, legitimate debt payments are the reason for late support payments. This is also done when dealing with someone who has lost their employment status.

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Family Responsibility Office cannot interject in court proceedings or be a party to court proceedings. The office acts as a helpful enforcement agency and while their letters or payment statements may be used by a party in court to show records of payments or missed payments, the F.R.O. does not have the power to change or create court orders for a person. Additionally the F.R.O. can only enforce terms of orders for support when they are clearly outlined.

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Sometimes there are special expenses that need to be collected. The court order must provide clear instructions as to what the expenses consist of. Also what the amount of each expense is to be paid for by the paying party. It should also be remembered that F.R.O. will continue to enforce a support order. There it is important to have a specified termination date. This is true even then they will continue to collect regarding any money that is outstanding in respect to the specific terms of an order or agreement.

In order to halt ongoing payments the paying party is likely going to have to obtain a court order. They also can get a new agreement stating those payments are complete. This is done if they want F.R.O. to stop collection proceedings against them.

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