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Fyre Fest V2 Just Happened- And It Was A Nightmare

Luxury Music Festival

Fyre Fest 2

Fyre Fest 2 just took place. It marketed itself as a luxury music festival. It reminded a lot of people of billy McFarland and rapper ja rule’s failed music festival made famous on netflix and Hulu. The failed fyre festival started with promotion videos that sold all the tickets. Read on to learn about Fyre Fest 2.0…

The festival now has a 1.5-star rating on Facebook with comments like:

“The lack of sincerity from yourselves is absolutely shocking. Thousands of people bought YOUR tickets to travel you YOUR festival and you don’t even have the decency to tell people who have PAID to come to Belgium just to wait for hours that the festival was canceled?” – Lauren Jones

“Nothing was organized from the very beginning. Refused to let people inside the campgrounds and told no one that the show was canceled. The majority had to learn from social media.” -Brett Hughes

Netflix And Hulu| Fyre Fest 2 

Does this sound like a recent documentary you might have watched? Perhaps Fyre Fraud on Hulu?

For those that did not see the Fyre Fest documentary, it was a complete disaster organized by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland. Billy has since been charged with fraud and there are numerous lawsuits against both the founders.

Fyre Fest was meant to be a luxury music festival with fancy villas but instead ended up being a bunch of refugee tents with wet beds.

Fyre Fest V2

Failed Fyre Festival

A prosecutor is investigating the Cambodian-born siblings for misrepresenting the festival’s financial situation and is deciding on possible criminal charges. Our business lawyers will also be interested to hear about the legal fallout.

So, when does Fyre Fest V3 start? Follow Ja Rule on Twitter to find out!

Fyre Fest 2 | Would Your Business Survive A Lawsuit?

Business lawyers often look at things like Fyre Festival and wonder about the lawsuits. Can Your Business Survive a Lawsuit? Don’t be like Fyre Fest, do proper legal planning before starting a business, organization or festival.

During the course of business, whether a small business or big corporation, there will more than likely come a time for litigation. It could be an employment dispute over wrongful termination or non-payment of benefits, a breach of contract with a vendor or supplier over unpaid goods, or a shareholder dispute over whether shares actually vested or not by a triggering event.

In all cases, whether acting as a defendant or plaintiff, you need good counsel to better protect your legal interests. It won’t be just case law and legal maxims and the strength of your legal position that wins you your matter, it will be organization and preparedness. As Sun Tzu states in the Art of War, “to be surprised is to be unprepared”. It is IMPERATIVE to design a litigation plan while managing expectations.

Toronto and Vancouver Business Lawyers

Ok so what does a party do to preserve their legal rights and interests? One of the most important stages is gathering documents, emails, and computer data. Often there is a volume of materials to be included in litigation, including all correspondence between the parties, including texts and emails, and other forms of communication (WeChat, Skype, Zoom, etc.). It is equally important to comb over all the disclosure documents received from opposing counsel. So many times, something material or even the “smoking gun” is produced but overlooked due to the sheer volume of documents to review.

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Preparing employees and independent contractors for Examinations for Discovery (Ontario’s version of a US deposition) is the next critical stage. Examinations in their nature are very unpleasant and uncomfortable to say the least. Hours and hours (all day!) of dreadful questions, asked over and over again to cause a disruption in the answers given.

This is why consistency is key at this stage as it is often too easy for opposing counsel to make a deposed party come off as inconsistent, misleading, and not credible. More so, in addition to the answers and story presented by the deposed party, the way they come across (ideally honest, reliable, and credible) is most important for jury trials. There is a human and relatable component involved throughout the litigation that many do not realize. After all, litigation derives from a mix of art and science.

Can Your Business Survive a Lawsuit?

Throughout the litigation process (can exceed 2 years), there will be curveballs and obstacles thrown at you. This can come in the form of a key witness having a change of heart and deciding not to testify, or even worse, testify poorly to the point where they assist the opposing party. Strategies have to be amended on the fly. Experienced counsel is always flexible and ready to adapt throughout and in-between the long processes. Often strategies are dropped and others are employed. This is why it is important for clients and counsel to be synchronized in their pursuit of justice and be on the same page at ALL times.

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Best Litigation Game Plan

Prior to the initial stages, experienced counsel aims to really know their client to better suit them and develop the best litigation game plan with the resources available. Business lawsuits are inevitable, but with proper preparation in a timely manner, one can successfully bring or defend an action. Protect your legal interests today.

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Written by: Alistair Vigier