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Family Lawyer Jobs


Are you looking for family lawyer jobs? Join ClearWay Law.

After spending five years running a law firm, we are tired of seeing lawyers in general struggle to earn an income. We are also tired of hearing reports like the Legal Trend Report. The report says that 64% of people that call law firms don’t get an answer.

Are you looking for family lawyer jobs? Are you thinking about giving up on your practice?

If you are a sole practitioner or small law firm struggling with marketing, you need to see this article.

There is a serious disconnect between lawyers and clients. We want ClearWay Law to bridge the gap. Further, we are helping solo practitioners and small law firms build their law practice through the internet.

Improving How Lawyers Work With Clients

If we can make something that serves clients and lawyers better, we will fix the legal industry in Canada. This will restore public trust in lawyers. This is a worthwhile cause that will greatly benefit society. Lawyers are very skilled, but they are not great at customer service or marketing.

We do not list our lawyers on this page as we have too many. Once you contact us and we get your information, one of our lawyers will contact you and provide all their information. They will provide you with legal advice and tell you about how they can help. Therefore, be ready with your questions when they contact you.

If you are not ready to book a consultation with a lawyer and have questions contact us. We can provide legal information, but not legal advice.

If you want to learn more about law, visit our YouTube.

ClearWay Law is following proven models in the USA that have never come to Commonwealth countries. We use an online marketplace subscription fee model. We charge lawyers monthly to use our online marketplace.

The online marketplace is a true example of a modern-day opportunity. An online marketplace brings buyers and sellers together in ways that were never possible before. To this day, there is no online marketplace for legal services in Canada.

We are acting as an intermediary between those that need a lawyer, and lawyers that need work.


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Photo: Our office in Beijing, China

How To Use Our Legal Information

ClearWay Law attracts consumers by offering many pages of legal information, focusing on SEO, getting published in the media often, and running Google paid advertisements. Then, when potential clients visit the site and fill out a request for free legal information, their request is handled by our intake team.

Once the potential client’s information is captured, the team forwards the information to the lawyer in their geographic area and area of law practice.

Our approach is like Google’s. When someone clicks on a Google ad, the search engine gets a small fee for generating a “click.” Google charges per click, and we charge per lead. The lawyers pay for the leads regardless of whether they result in actual representation.

Family Lawyer Jobs Near Me

Are you looking for family lawyer jobs? Or are you just looking for more legal work? Our mission is to improve the way people with legal problems find a lawyer. Right now, the legal industry is broken, and we are working hard to fix it. 64% of law firms don’t answer their phones.

Potential clients have a hard time finding the right lawyer.

Lawyers have a hard time finding clients that can afford their legal services.

Law firms are dying, and we want to help them improve. There is a disconnect between potential clients and lawyers.

We plan to use technology and customer service to bridge the gap. Lawyers nor the regulators will be the ones to solve the problem. It must be a technology company that creates change.

Law doesn’t have to be scary. We need those that are not afraid to take on old school law. You should be able to bring new ideas while keeping in mind the rules of the laws of Canada.

Most of our management team comes from law firms. The rest come from a technology background. Our team communicates all day with each other, and we help each other solve roadblocks as they come up.

Family Lawyer JobsFamily Lawyer Jobs | It’s Canada’s Time For Innovation

Most of our team works remotely. This means you can enjoy a work-life balance and work in your PJs. Skip the one-hour commute and work with Clearway Law.

Best of all, you can be a part of innovating one of the old school industries that exist. There are few industries left untouched by technology. Law firms are one of those industries. Many lawyers still record their time worked on a sheet of paper. It’s tragic.

Interested in running a law firm that allows you to work in a way that suits both you and your clients. Want to focus on the law rather than chasing work?

ClearWay Law is a growing online marketplace designed to work as a “family.” Working with us allows lawyers to focus on providing excellent legal advice and customer service. By working with Clearway, lawyers can concentrate less on finding clients and more on providing legal services.

Assuming that client satisfaction, quality of work, and fee targets are met, lawyers achieve a work/life balance by working as they chose. Further, this is done either remotely or not and with flexible hours that suit both themselves and clients.

We are keen to hear from lawyers who are looking to grow their practice. Clearway Law wants to speak to lawyers that can demonstrate a track record of excellent customer service and a desire to thrive in this environment.

There are many lawyers who focus on unprotective activities, likely to avoid doing legal work.

We are no longer a law firm. However, we have left the information below for information purposes. We have switched to become an online platform for legal services instead.

Family Lawyer Jobs Vancouver

Clearway Law has been spending large amounts on marketing in Ontario and British Columbia. Clearway just expanded our platform advertising into British Columbia.

We want to speak to lawyers that want to be the best. We are looking for lawyers to join us as change agents.

Firstly, we want lawyers that want to earn a high income and provide amazing customer service. Further, we don’t want lazy lawyers that don’t care about details. Therefore, if you are the best lawyer, you belong with us.

ClearWay Law was designed to connect clients with the best lawyers in their cities.

ClearWay Law is wanting to speak to lawyers in Canada that can provide excellent legal advice. We are a growing lawyer platform with its head office in Toronto, Canada.

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