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IntroducingCriminal Law in Canada

Have you been arrested or charged with a crime in Canada?

Clearway is here to help you find a qualified criminal lawyer to represent your case.

I've been involved in a crime, what do I do?

Be proactive. Even if you believe there's a slim chance you'll be charged, it's worth discussing your situation with a lawyer to help minimize your risk. Not all crimes result in charges, but the situation could become more challenging and complex once the police are involved. Avoid leaving your situation to chance by engaging a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

I've been arrested by police, what do I do?

Cooperate with law enforcement, but do not make any statements or answer questions related to the situation without guidance from a criminal lawyer. The role of police is to collect as much information about the alleged crime as possible; any statements you make could worsen your situation. Exercise your right to remain silent until you've spoken with a lawyer.

I've been charged with a crime, what now?

If you haven't already identified a criminal lawyer to represent you, now is the time to do so. Though you have the right to represent yourself, it's never wise to do so. Criminal proceedings are complex and require the expert guidance of a qualified criminal lawyer in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Hiring a lawyer isn't an admission of guilt, it's simply your best option to protect yourself and minimize the likelihood of receiving a harmful criminal record.

Clearway Can Help

A criminal situation can get complicated quickly and it's best to seek competent advisory to help navigate your specific situation. Let Clearway assist you in finding the best Criminal lawyer in your area. Don't know where to start? Feel free to reach out to the Clearway team for assistance.


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