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Hotel Offers Refund if You Get Divorced After Stay

Hotel Offers Refund if You Get Divorced After Stay

One hotel chain in Sweden is convinced that a mini holiday away together can solve a couple’s relationship issues.  This hotel offers a refund if you get divorced after a stay. You must get divorced within a year of taking a holiday at one of their hotels. Countryside hotels is the name of the hotel offering the relationship guarantee!

Hotel Offers Refund if You Get Divorced After Stay

In order to qualify, the couple must be legally married, stay in the same room, and use the reservation code “relationsgaranti” when booking the vacation.  Once you qualify, if you take the vacation and separate within one year you can submit your divorce papers to Countryside Hotels to receive a refund up to two nights of your stay.

Hotel Offers Refund if You Get Divorced After Stay

One tricky stipulation is that your divorce must also be completed and your order from the court granted within the year time limit.  In Canada, couples must be separated for a year before having the standing to apply for a divorce.  So, if you wanted to take advantage of the refund and lived in Canada, you would have to be already separated from your spouse prior to taking the vacation in order to be able to obtain a divorce order within a year of your vacation date.

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Spouses will often resolve all outstanding issues before proceeding with the divorce order. It may be difficult to finalize everything and have your divorce granted in the one-year timeline. If you and your spouse are in full agreement on the issues it may be possible.

It is difficult to ensure that the year timeline is met. Trying to come to a resolution on all of the issues associated with divorce takes time. These include custody and access, property division, spousal support, and child support.

Hotel Offers Refund

The idea of a separated couple heading for divorce taking a mini-vacation together may seem odd to some.  The hotel chain is offering a refund in hopes a mini vacation will help bring couples closer together. The vacation will give them time to work on their relationship. It is hoping to save some couples from separating altogether.

Some food for thought when it comes to couples considering separation. If you have questions about your legal rights when it comes to separation and divorce, speak to one of our family law lawyers in the Toronto office of ClearWay Law.

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