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Global Warming Solutions

Global Warming Solutions

Are you looking into global warming solutions? Do you want to reduce emissions, carbon dioxide, and greenhouse gases? Are you interested in reducing the average temperature on earth? What about preventing extreme weather? Read on!

How can a law firm save the environment? I do a lot of travel for business, and I hate how everything is single serving with plastic. To reduce the amount of impact from plastic on the environment (and my body) I travel with my own steel fork and spoon.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

I work in the divorce industry, and I can confirm there is no shortage of divorce. Sadly, there is also no shortage of single-use plastic. Traveling on planes and living in hotels is a world of fast food, plastic cutlery, single-use plastics, plastics bags, and possibly single-serving friends.

After I get off the plane, I go to my hotel. There are single-use plastic shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and styrofoam coffee cups. And we can’t forget the single-use utensils, coffee stirrers, and combs.

Carbon Dioxide And Greenhouse Gases

In the lobby, there are single-use plastic cups to pour your water. Of course, the easy fix to get away from needing those cups is a stainless-steel bottle, which I have used for years now.

I don’t expect non-environmentalists to change by their own free will. So, I am advocating that companies stop offering single-use options. People should need to bring their own stainless-steel bottles, and metal forms and spoons. If you forget it, you are out of luck.

To make matters worst, most airports don’t have recycling. The plastic ends up going in the trash and gets incinerated. This, of course, creates air pollution.

How Can A Law Firm Save The Environment
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Prevent Heat Trapping With Global Warming Solutions

Single-use plastics are destroying the world, and it’s our job to stop them. These issues might not seem like a big deal since it’s just a bit of plastic. But according to a New York Times article, the average person produces 3 pounds of plastic and waste per flight. Also, there are 4 billion passengers per year, so this is 12 billion pounds of waste.

Environmentalists seem to like focusing on major battles, such as stopping oil pipelines from being built. I consider myself a micro environmentalist. I want to focus on small things, and then to get a bunch of people to make small changes. Further, reusable cutlery is the biggest opportunity to “save the planet.”

Reduce Extreme Weather

I have been making other small changes as well. My law firm went 100% remote, which means my lawyers and staff don’t have to travel to and from work anymore. The average car emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. So, if I have 20 lawyers and staff, this reduces 920 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year! This is something I’m very proud of.

If we can get 10 similar law firms to do this, that’s 9920 metric tons! Therefore, you can see where I’m going with this.

People are not going to fly less, and they certainly are not going to stop flying at all. That is way too hard of a sale for the average person. I wouldn’t get on a ship for three weeks to get China when I can get there in 10 hours on a flight. Further, environmentalists need to focus on realistic changes and avoid theoretical thinking that doesn’t work.

Global Warming Solutions

When I go to the grocery stores, I see there are always plastic spoons. If I forgot my metal spoon for some reason, or it’s not clean, I head to the sushi section. There I can always find disposable chopsticks. It’s also a bonus that I can practice my chopstick skills for when I go to China!

The problem is that plastic is cheap. The average plastic spoon costs $0.06, and the average regular spoon is $0.85. In addition, if a company needs to wash the cutlery, then it’s additional costs and operational requirements. Companies won’t do this. So, we need to put the ball in the court of the consumers. Let the companies save their six cents, and the consumers will need to bring their own non-plastic cutlery.

Let’s make some small changes and save the world.

Reduce Emissions With Climate Action

The average person’s commute to and from work is around 20KM. This creates 4.6 tons of C02 per car, per year. All of our staff work from home. Also, this means that if we have 20 staff that work from home, we save (4.6 times 20). Further. this means we are saving 92 tons of C02 per year! This is something we are extremely excited about.

We are also pushing all our staff to stay away from plastic bottles, and to send things electronically instead of printing it out. Environmental protection is very important for our law firm.

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