Clearway Instructional

How to Claim Your Profile

Clearway has over 500,000 profiles in our database. If you are a lawyer, you may already have a profile on Clearway. To claim your profile, follow these steps:


Create an account

If you haven't already, Login or Register. In order to claim a lawyer profile, you must be logged in. Use the main search bar to locate your profile, select the search result to open your profile.

Claim Profile Step 1

Select Claim Your Profile

Now that you've navigated to your profile, select the 'Claim Your Profile' button.

Claim Profile Step 2

Confirm Profile Claim

Take a moment to review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Check the checkbox, then select the 'Claim Profile' button to proceed.

Claim Profile Step 3


Congrats! You're profile has been claimed. From here, use the account nav menu (top right) to select 'Account' or simply select 'profile settings' in the card. Either option will take you to your profile settings console.

Claim Profile Step 4

Explore and customize

This is where you'll manage your profile going forward. Update your profile information, upgrade your subscription, and more. Happy customizing!

Claim Profile Step 5