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How to Get A Quick Court Order

How to Get A Quick Court Order

Family law matters can go on for months or years. You might be wondering how to get a quick court order.

Sometimes you might need to bring a motion for a temporary court order while you wait for a court date. Some things can’t wait.

Some people want to bring an emergency motion to get a court order. Given our experience in family law, this emergency is normally around the safety of the child.

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If you believe the child is in dangerous, it is always best to call the police before calling a family law firm.

Going to court (even for an emergency motion) is expensive but needs to be done by a family lawyer. Normally you will need a minimum $2000 deposit.

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You can either bring a motion with notice to the other side or without notice. Without notice is normally for a temporary order because there is no time to give notice. This means you won’t have to serve the other side with the documents prior to the court date. It is very hard to get a court date without serving the other side. The situation will have to be extreme.

The two most common situations to get a temporary court order:

  1. Your partner has told you they are leaving the country with your children
  2. Serious risk to you or your children

You will have to give specific, detailed evidence to prove these two things. The courts will not care about what you think might happen. If you can’t prove it’s likely to happen, you will have to give notice to the other party.

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Even with notice you will be limited in what you can do to bring forward an urgent motion. You should always ask when the next court date is. You can then decide if it’s worth trying to bring forward an emergency motion. Most people try to limit the money they spend on their family law matters. It can be effective to pick your fights as lawyers often charge per hour.

Quick Court Order

If you need a quick court order, call our family lawyers to get the process started. We can’t promise anything besides that we will try our hardest for you.