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How To Leave An Inheritance In China

China Inheritance Law

Inheritance In China

Are you curious about inheritance in China? We have put together this article for Chinese people that need help with managing their assets for when they die. It’s not a topic that people enjoy. However, it’s important to do proper planning. Many people in China do not want their child’s spouse to be able to get assets. This is likely because divorce is becoming more common in China. Unlike countries like Canada, it’s possible to make assets excluded from marriage. This can be done if it’s made clear in the will.

Chinese people do not like talking about death. It is seen as against their culture. Only 1% of people in China leave wills. In Canada, 38% of people have wills. This means that there are more likely to be disagreements about wills in China. The Chinese government has been encouraging some of its citizens to get their wills done. There is a new office in Shanghai that helps people create a will for the first time. It is organized by the Shanghai government.

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China inheritance process

If you do not get your will done, it can lead to family members arguing over your property. We have lawyers in Vancouver, Toronto, and Beijing that can help you. These lawyers can help you create a will or deal with a family disagreement over assets. The lawyers will try to keep things out of court if possible. However, they can help you go to court to fight for your rights if needed. The lawyers in China and Canada will work together to take care of your property in China and Canada. ClearWay Law is unique in that we offer a complete solution to the needs of Chinese people. Our Beijing lawyers can help you with Chinese inheritance law.

The best way to avoid having to go to court is to do legal planning. Inheritance is what happens to assets and debts when someone dies. If someone created a will, it won’t be hard to deal with. When there is no will, it increases the chances of fighting. If you have properties in multiple countries, it makes things a bit harder.

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Chinese inheritance law will often follow what a will says very closely. Estate laws are new to China because wealth is new in China. Before when people were poor in China, there was no property to fight over. Now in places like Shanghai and Beijing, many people have property that’s worth a lot of money. Also, there used to be a one-child policy in China. If there is only one child, it’s less likely that there will be fighting over property.

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