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Internet of things investment opportunities

Internet of things investment opportunities


Are you looking for internet of things investment opportunities? Our legal services marketplace helps lawyers in China find more work. We only want lawyers to do legal work, which is what lawyers are good at. Our company takes care of connecting the clients to the right lawyer.

You can see our basic investment pitch here: ClearWay Law China

There is a more detailed pitch deck that explains the investment opportunities in more detail. We are a remote-based company with no rent. Most of the lawyers in China and staff on our platform work remotely. This saves their law firm money and they can pass on the savings to their clients. Most law firms are not good at business. We believe we can become we can help law firms improve.

ClearWay Law China is looking for investors (private equity) to help us grow our brand in China. We are looking for investment amounts in the area of $100,000 per investor.

If you want to reach out to talk about the investment, contact our CEO on Linkedin.

A billion people connected to the internet

As you can see in the pitch deck, we are in the industry or the internet of things. Lawyers sign up on our platform because we are able to provide steady work for the lawyer. Lawyers are risk-averse and enjoy a stable income. We will take away things that lawyers hate doing, such as business development and marketing. The quality of life for the lawyers that work with us is good because the lawyers can work remotely. We won’t have a problem finding lawyers to work under our business model.

Many lawyers are not good at signing up clients, managing an office, doing marketing, accounting, or managing technology. They just want to focus on providing legal services to clients. ClearWay Law takes marketing and lead generation off the lawyer’s plate and prevents lawyer burn out. Mental breakdowns are a serious problem with lawyers in the family law industry.

If you don’t believe that the legal industry is broken, have a look at the Legal Trends Report.

Internet of things Venture capital and Angel Investors

Our companies front-loaded costs are hiring an intake team, hiring a marketing team, putting money aggressively into marketing, and spending money on automating every stage of the process. Automation ensures that the client experience will be a 4-5 star every time once they find the best lawyer for them. We estimate that for this we’ll need between $500,000. This amount is for the seed funding and is designed to help us expand into China. We plan to raise around $100,000 from around five qualified investors.

We are looking for angel investors that are want internet of things investment opportunities.

Internet of things investment opportunities

We started in Canada.

Canada is a small market. But Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta are not. Ontario has 14.57m people. And if it were in the U.S., it would be the fifth-largest state. It has a slightly larger population than Pennsylvania. British Columbia has around 5m people, which is around the same size as South Carolina. And Alberta has roughly the same size is the same size as Kentucky at 4.37m people.

These three Canadian provinces have significant populations that rival US state populations. So by no means are these three provinces insignificant markets. Assuming investors agree, I would like to prove the concept in these three provinces before expanding into California.

We would use the seed funding to show proof of concept in Canada. When we expand to California, we will already have a good company that can transfer over there. And there are benefits to this because our SEO will be very strong at the time that we expand to
California, which is very important for advertising in the legal space. Our domain authority is currently 28.

If we can achieve market dominance in those three Canadian provinces, when we go over to California, we will have a domain authority of around 38. This would mean that we would do well on the search rankings in California. The results are shown below. If we were to grow into San Diego even right now, we could compete at our 28 domain authority.

However, we now want to focus on the Chinese market.

Investing in the internet of things

Investing in the internet of things

The other reason that we need to raise money right now is that we want to accelerate the process. We certainly don’t want to have to wait a number of years to be able to have an after-tax profit of $500,000. Further, it will take too long, and we will miss the opportunity to be a first-mover.

According to Vice Media, which is the media company I trust the most because they don’t care about their reputation, there are one million divorces in the United States every year—that’s one every 36 seconds, nearly 2,400 per day, and 16,800 per week. Further, the USA divorce industry is worth $50B per year according to Vice.

I have spoken to investment funds, and many of them replied saying they love our business model and they think the industry is ripe for innovation. The problem is, we don’t have the $5M in sales minimum. Our company only has five people on our operations team, and there is no way we could handle large amounts of sales yet. Further, we spend no money on marketing.

Connecting business to the internet

We believe that internet of things investment opportunities are the way to go. What we have achieved to date:

  • Built the best online marketplace for legal services in Canada (in particular in the Chinese community in Canada)
  • Achieved high Google rankings (SEO) which was critical
  • Built out a cloud with all the documents we need to grow
  • We built the model so that lawyers focus on what lawyers should be doing, providing legal services.
  • Great client reviews

We are now moving on to our seed funding raise, which is our “service” phase. We need capital to build our online service delivery and bring it to the market. The focus will be on getting 5-star reviews and gathering client surveys. We are almost ready to start pushing sales. Right now, we have a staff of only five people, and we need to hire more before we start marketing.

We need to invest in technology that will allow us to connect clients to lawyers anywhere in China. The service needs to be a 5-star service every single time. We need to set up our technology in a way that our lawyers can use. It must be very simple to use as most lawyers struggle with technology.

In conclusion, reach out to us by contacting our CEO on Linkedin if you are interested in investing.  Please explain why you are interested in investing.


*This is not an offer to sell securities. Open to qualified investors only. All investment is subject to your local laws.