Investing In Law Firms – Can law firms have investors?

Investing In Law Firms – Can law firms have investors?

Our law firm provides high quality, low cost legal services that the average Canadian can afford. We are 100% online, which means we have massive savings from rent. We can pass on these savings to clients while still being profitable.

Also, being 100% online allows us to service entire provinces, instead of being limited to 2KM around our office. This solves the “access to justice” issue, because we can service communities where there are no lawyers.

We want to create the best law firm. How will we do this? By making the people that hire us happy that they went with ClearWay Law.

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” — Steve Jobs

If you want to learn more about the investment opportunity, please fill out the contact form below. Include a few sentences about why this opportunity interests you and what you can bring to the team (besides just capital.) We are not desperate for capital, but we will need to to grow across Canada.

Our CEO won a 30 under 30 award in 2017 for raising capital for another law firm. If you want to invest in a law firm, here is your opportunity (assuming you qualify.)

Everything ClearWay Law does relates to our obsession to improving the legal industry. Our goal is not to get the most clients and destroy other firms. We want clients and investors that want to join us in improving the legal industry.

UK Law Firms Are Doing Amazing

There is no shortage of money pouring into the legal technology sector. Clio (a practice management software) just raised $250M USD. Innovative law firms in the UK are raising capital at massive valuations. Knights Law Firm in the UK has revenue of 52.7M, and yet it has a market cap of 253.71M. Keystone Law has revenue of £42.7m and a market cap of 157M.

Raising money isn’t fun, and most entrepreneurs don’t enjoy it. But it is a critical part of growing a company. Facebook did it, Starbucks did it, and we have to do it as well. We want to raise money in a time efficient manner so we can focus on growing the business and improving the client experience.

Questions And Answers:

Is it possible for non-lawyers to invest into a law firm?

Non-lawyer investors put capital into a management company that has an agreement with the law firm.

How much capital are you looking to raise?

Between $1M and $1.5 for our seed round.

Where is your office located?

We are 100% based online. We have contractors all over the world, but our company is based out of British Columbia.

Email Our CEO For Details

Investing In Law FirmsClearWay Law now has a fully functional law firm up and running, and we have received raving reviews from clients. We suggest you Google us to see our reviews.

Our law firm is looking for a $1.5M investment. Our detailed plan explains how we will use this money. Many of our third-party providers have reviewed this plan to ensure it is accurate and likely to be a massive success.

The Type Of Investors We Are Looking For

In addition to the capital invested, we are looking for investors that offer their resources, feedback, and mentoring. Areas of need are investors with a background in technology, operations and investment banking.

Marketing and finance is less important as we have this well covered. We currently have more work than we can service. This is a key reason why we are raising capital.

The investors would provide early-stage capital with a minimum of $250K CAN.

Our Law Firm Gets a Lot Of Media Attention:

Canadian Lawyer

Daily Hive

Money Magazine

Law Times

100% Online Based Law Firm

Our highly scalable business model requires lower overhead costs. We focus on investing in the customer experience instead of real estate costs. We have been able to operate successfully with low overhead while focusing on the customer experience. By working remote, we are better able to accommodate our client’s needs . Our communication is accessible and open, and our clients realize a resolution to their family law issues or other legal issues.

Clearway Law plans to grow across Canada into Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. This enables us to be the first and to own the family law space in Canada. 

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” –Henry Ford

The Old Traditional Model Is Dying

ClearWay Law was one of the first law firms in Canada to move from the traditional partnership model to a corporate structure. We believe this will be the key contributor to our profitable growth in recent years. This also makes the group well positioned to compete with other law firms.

Historically law firms have struggled to adapt to the evolution of the work place. Few lawyers use advances in technology to maximise efficiencies in the delivery of legal services.

CFO- Law Firm
ClearWay Law CFO

Investing In Law Firms- Canadian Law Firm

We have already figured out the structure needed to IPO a law firm by working with a lawyer on Bay Street. We want people that don’t just bring money, but their skills and knowledge as well. Our marketing brings in lots of work, which attracts great lawyers. I need to build out our team and technology. We have a very detailed plan, which requires capital and staff.

The Legal Industry Is Broken

I am looking for people to invest in ClearWay Law. We have gone as far as we can with our resources, and we need to bring in partners. The first year was spent learning the market and improving our services and now we are ready for investment to help us grow.

Many lawyers agree that innovative law firms are in a great position to take work from traditional firms, but those same lawyers don’t want to walk away from the stability that those same firms offer. People love disruptive ideas that are both easy to explain and fill an existing need. I don’t waste time and effort trying to explain why ClearWay Law exists; I spend 100% of my effort executing my vision and delivering exceptional services.

Investing in law firms- Toronto Lawyers

The capital would be spent on building out our intake team, marketing, and technology. The goal is to do a law firm IPO on the TSX-V or in England.

ClearWay Law is changing the legal industry by creating a virtual law firm where clients leave satisfied, receive quality service, at a price they can afford. Internally, we work to have our staff and lawyers organize their work to fit their lifestyle. We care about the quality of our work, not where the work is done.

Why ClearWay Law is different

  • Remote working- reduce overall costs, better for clients and staff
  • Better use of technology – reduce costs and increase revenues
  • Culture and structure to ensure good communication
  • Excel in customer service and quality of work
  • Use experts in their field (i.e. lawyers to do the law, marketeers to do the marketing etc.)

Investing In Law Firms

Everything ClearWay Law does must benefit our clients first and then our lawyers/staff, shareholders and society. We understand our clients may be uncertain about whether the benefits of paying for legal advice will outweigh the costs. Most clients only need a lawyer a few times in their life and may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with how law firms operate. We want to make the process as simple as possible.

It takes too long and it’s a headache to raise money in Canada.  Canada has a tiny population, many well-educated entrepreneurs, and very few venture capitalists or angel investors. Most start up’s waste time trying to get limited government funds.

Investing in law is a new opportunity. The legal industry is now offering interesting investments.

ClearWay Law was inspired by UK law firms that did massive IPO’s. Examples for these firms are Keystone Law and Knights LLC. We have created a detailed investment package to present to qualified investors in the UK, Canada and the USA. Innovating an industry the way Uber and AirBnb did takes risk, but the rewards are potentially massive.


*This is not an offer to sell securities. Open to qualified investors only. The law firm exit plan will be either an IPO or being bought out.

*Non lawyers receive shares in a management company, not a law firm.

*Do not call our law firm phone number, it is for clients only.