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Investment Opportunities In Manitoba | Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities In Manitoba

Please note that in March 2020 we closed this funding round, and switched from operating a law firm to operating an online marketplace for legal services. Many of the investment funds we spoke to suggested we do that. And therefore, we did! The information below is archived, but you still might find it interesting.

If you are still looking for business opportunities in Manitoba, feel free to reach out to Clearway’s CEO on Linkedin.

Are you looking for business opportunities in Manitoba? Clearway Law is currently raising money ($1.5m) and is open to speaking to wealthy investors in Manitoba. You will need to be considered an accredited investor in order to invest in the company Each investor normally will invest $250K+.

We started this company because we were tired of hiring law firms that provided poor communication.

Every time I hired a law firm, I felt that I didn’t receive value for the money I spent. I was pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who felt like this. Therefore, I started ClearWay Law to focus on the client experience. Our law firm was created to be the needed change in the broken legal industry. We are still working hard on this goal, and we now need capital to achieve our goals.

Pushing Legal Innovation In Canada | Business Opportunities

Right away our law firm was popular. Our phone was ringing off the hook, and our email inbox was full. Our CEO received lots of hate email from old school lawyers that felt threatened by an innovative law firm.

If you want to learn more about the investment opportunity, click here.

Currently, our intake team (of one person) is getting so many calls that she is having a hard time handling it. We are moving to a 100% online model to better handle the demand.  Our management company is raising money to build out our operations team, hire more lawyers on salary and invest heavily in technology. We want to have automation set up wherever possible. Humans make many mistakes, robots rarely do.

Investment Opportunities In Manitoba- Improving Law

We didn’t start our law firm to get rich. It’s a must that ClearWay Law become a thought leader for improving the legal industry. We want to write books, articles for the media, and speak at conferences. We want to encourage other law firms to make improvements to customer service. Further, there is no way one law firm can change the industry by itself. Also, we need “buy-in” from other lawyers, but we need to lead the way.

Why We Are Trying To Raise Money:

Our company is seeking seed financing from wealthy individuals, early-stage capital funds and angel investors. The $1.5m raise will enable us to do the following:

  • Expand our operations staff and lawyers
  • Invest in sales and marketing
  • Built out a customer success teams
  • Build our operational infrastructure

We have a short business plan we can send you.

If you are interested, we can also send the following to you:

  • A long business plan
  • Financial projections
  • A pricing sheet
  • The shareholder agreement
  • The consulting agreement
  • Any other information you feel you need to make an informed investment decision

We are going to target the average person with our online model, not the big clients. Big clients go with lawyers they know or get referrals from friends. Further, the average person Googles their lawyer, and that’s where we can own the space with our marketing. Therefore, we are going to focus on those that are actually likely to hire us.

Investment Opportunities In Manitoba

The Investment Opportunity:

  • Our law firm doesn’t spend money on rent
  • We are a law firm that operates 100% online (we are not like Law Depot, we don’t offer templates)
  • ClearWay Law doesn’t lose money like some technology investments
  • We service our clients 100% online via phone, email and video conferencing. This is a game-changer.
  • We have our lawyers focus on what they are good at, providing legal services.

If you don’t believe us that the legal industry is broken, please read the 2019 Legal Trends Report.

In conclusion, if you are interested in learning more about business or investment opportunities in Manitoba, please click here. You can learn more details and then fill out the contact form to learn more.

Investment Opportunities In Manitoba- Disclaimer

Prior to investing, you will receive a copy of the shareholder agreement and a consulting agreement.

*This is not an offer to sell securities. Open to qualified investors only. All investments will be subject to security commission rules.

* Non-lawyers receive shares in a management company, not a law firm.

*Do not call our law firm phone number, it is for clients only.

Want to see how law firms do marketing? See the video below. It’s great!