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Is Infecting Others With COVID-19 Against The Law?

Coronavirus Outbreak | Centers For Disease Control

Infecting Others With COVID-19
Infecting Others With COVID-19


Is infecting others with COVID-19 against the law? The Coronavirus outbreak is already very stressful. However, there are many people that want to make things worse. This is made clear by those that enjoy posting stupid videos on the internet. For example, those that go around licking things in public to show they are not scared. You can see a good example below. This individual was arrested for licking deodorant in a Walmart.

Others have chosen to throw parties simply to be difficult. You can see the video below from spring break. What these people don’t understand is that other people exist. It’s not simply about not getting the virus yourself. Instead, it’s important not to infect others. How would they feel if they infected their parents and they died? Putting your birthday or your plans in front of the lives of others is not a good strategy.

Infecting Others With COVID-19 | Coughing Or Sneezing

If you cough on someone, it could be considered assault. You have done something to someone that you know could hurt them. You can also sue them for this as it is a “tort.” You will have to be able to calculate damages. If you got COVID-19 from being coughed on (on purpose), there will definitely be damages. However, if they coughed on you and it caused significant psychological damage, those would also be damages. This might include chronic anxiety and depression. You would likely need to get diagnosed by a psychologist to show the damages that happened.

When you have HIV and you have sex with others, you can be arrested and/or sued if you knew about it. If you did not tell the people you had sex with, it is likely they wouldn’t have consented had they know you had HIV. If someone gives you HIV, it is very likely that you will suffer, both physically and mentally. As such, this sort of virus spreading should qualify for compensation.

Governments need to be careful however not to make people afraid to get tested. If you think HIV, you might be afraid to get tested. If you are positive, this would mean you legally need to tell all partners you have the virus. Therefore, you may never have sex again.

Public Health | Infecting Others With COVID-19

You cannot sue someone that didn’t know they had the virus. Therefore, with COVID-19, you cannot sue them just because they passed on the virus to you. They would have had to have got tested, and show a positive test result. Then they would have to act recklessly, or purposely infect you for the lawsuit to happen.

You can see another example below. Police have said that someone went to the grocery store and started threatening people. She said she had the virus, and started coughing on $35,000 worth of food. Further, it is very likely that the store will sue the accused for at least $35,000.

If you choose to walk around and don’t care about the laws, it’s unlikely that someone will be able to sue you. Again, there needs to be a clear demonstration of damages. You would have to something that is completely negligent. An example of this would be walking into a senior home when there is a sign that says “do not come in.”

Soap And Water | Coronavirus Outbreak

The central health authorities have suggested doing the following things:

  • wash your hands
  • listen to the centers for disease control
  • if you show symptoms, stay home
  • avoid person to person contact
  • use soap and water
  • stay at home for 14 days when you return from another country
  • don’t touch your nose and mouth

Some people don’t listen to good advice. The people that do dangerous sorts of things can be sued, or arrested. If someone does something to you on purpose, and it increases your risk of getting the virus, you might be able to sue. Instead of limiting the risk to others, they are on purpose trying to increase risk. If this has happened to you, speak to a business lawyer.

Assuming you live in Canada, you can reach out to us by filling out a form. Also, if you have a potential case, we will have one of our business lawyers contact you.

Developing Symptoms | 14 Days At Home

If someone goes to your restaurant in Toronto, and instead of avoiding other people, they on purpose sneeze at you, you might have a lawsuit. Further, if instead of washing their hands, they lick your deodorant bars, you might have a claim against you. Keep in mind, you need to have proof that they did it. Also, without proof, it’s not worth speaking to a lawyer.

People have a duty to stop the spread of the virus. Further, anyone who goes against the guidance of the centers for disease control would get themselves into trouble.

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