Is It True Marriage Is Dying?

People don’t just get married for love. For thousands of years it has been a way to live a better life. Living together and sharing resources is much more cost efficient than living apart. It is possible that one day only middle-class people who are trying to get into the upper class will get married.

People are getting married later because they do not feel they are able to attain wealth. If someone is living at home, and just making ends meet, they might not be a wealth mindset. We do not believe the decline in marriage is because of cohabitating couples not registering their marriage.

There is also a trend for people to become more individualistic.

If it’s true that marriage is dying, then what will the new norm be?

Cohabitation is an increasingly popular choice. Most people want to live together, share costs, and have a sexual relationship. This couple can either be same sex or opposite sex.

Cohabitation does mean that the couple is living in a marriage like relationship without being married. The term implies more than “just friends” and the couple would be sexual.