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Law Society Of Alberta

Law Society Of Alberta

You might want to learn more about how the Law Society of Alberta can help you. The Law Society is the regulator of the legal profession in Alberta. They are located at 333 11 Ave SW Suite 700, Calgary, AB. The law society has an office in each province. It is normally located in the largest city. Therefore in Alberta, it’s in Calgary.

The board of directors of the Law Society of Alberta is called during a bencher election. Basically, lawyers vote for other lawyers who want to become benchers. In this way, the legal profession is self-governing. This means that they are not regulated by the provincial government. There have been calls by some to get rid of the law society and to switch to regulation from the Alberta government instead.

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Lawyers In Alberta

The LSA also has a way on their website where you can find the right law firm for you. You will fill out forms where you will talk about the type of Alberta lawyer that you need. There are staff at the law society that will review your information. The Law Society of Alberta will then send your information to multiple lawyers.

By the way, this is the same thing that ClearWay Law does. We collect information and send it off to law firms who will call you directly. We are not a law firm, but we help people find a lawyer. It’s a great service, and you should give it a try!

If you are curious about what we do, you can see our page for lawyers.

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Alberta Law Society

Alberta Law Society

The society of Alberta sets out the code of conduct of lawyers and law firms. They do not determine things like criminal law. They also do not set out the rules of the law. The LSA is not involved with the provincial government or the court of queen bench.

The court of queen bench is similar to the supreme court in BC or the superior court in Ontario. They all have different names, but similar rules.

We believe all law societies need to work hard to open up the legal market. This does not mean degrading the legal profession. Too many people are handling their own cases, even in the Queen’s Bench court. In the provincial court, maybe people can figure things out. But in Queen’s Bench, the rules are extremely complicated.

If people are not hiring lawyers, the legal industry in Alberta needs to do something to fix the problem.

Rules Of The Law

The law society of Alberta continues to grow when it is forced to. Canada is far behind other countries like the UK and United States in terms of legal innovation. In Canada, we are still worrying about referral fee percentages, and if remote consultations should be allowed. In countries such as England, they are already doing law firm IPOs. This has flooded the legal market in England with money. Law firms have been able to spend this money on improving their technology and hiring customer satisfaction managers.

During COVID-19, it became obvious that things need to change. Many Calgary and Edmonton law firms that were already struggling to survive came under even more financial hardship. When people come under stress, they start to innovate first and ask questions later. Alberta lawyers could no longer meet their clients in person. Therefore, they had to use Skype. Some law societies changed the rules since all their lawyers were breaking the rules. This was a clear indication that the law society only changes when they are forced to.

At ClearWay Law, we are the ones pushing innovation in Alberta. Since we are not a law firm, we are not regulated by the Alberta law society. We are able to try creative things that law firms in Alberta are scared to try. An example of this is our lead generation service for lawyers. It sounds silly that this would be innovative to anyone outside of the legal industry. However, we are one of the first lead generation services for attorneys in Alberta.

Law Society Of Alberta

Lawyers in Alberta are often afraid of the law society, as they don’t want to get in trouble. This causes a lot of law firms to avoid trying to do things in an improved way. It has always been our position at ClearWay Law that lawyers should focus on taking care of their clients first. If a lawyer is more concerned about their own reputation than their client’s needs, that is wrong. Clients pay the bills, and clients are in charge. That is not to say that lawyers should ever break the law or do anything dishonest.

But verifying a client’s ID over Skype is not dishonest. And therefore, it should not be against the law society rules. The regulator also needs to allow lawyers to provide commissioning over Skype. Virtual commissioning is just the first step to a technology-driven legal industry.

Rules Of The LawSociety Of Alberta

When you use the Alberta society service, you will get a free 30-minute consultation, which is fantastic. The Alberta lawyer will also be able to provide you with legal advice. However, don’t call the law society asking for legal advice (or ClearWay Law.)

The Alberta Law Society also has a lawyer directory tool. This is a way you can search for a lawyer. You can look for a family lawyer in Edmonton. Or you could look for a women lawyer who does criminal law in Calgary. It all depends on what you need.

First Nations Joining The Legal Profession

The Law Society of Alberta also has a program for First Nations. It is meant to connect law firms in Alberta with first nation students. This allows lawyers to learn more about First Nation issues. Also, it can encourage more Alberta lawyers to get into First Nation law. The program is also meant to encourage Aboriginals to go to law school and become lawyers.

In conclusion, you can use the LSAB to complain about a lawyer or to find a lawyer. Also, you can contact ClearWay Law and we will connect you to a lawyer in Alberta. We can connect you with a lawyer that fits your budget, geographical area, and practice area.