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What Is The Law Society Of Ontario?

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Law Society Of Ontario
The Law Society of Ontario is the governing body of the legal profession in Ontario. If someone is a lawyer or paralegal who provides legal services in Ontario, they are regulated by the law society. They work to protect the public interest and also operate the law society referral service. They connect people that need a free consultation with a lawyer that can offer a 30-minute consultation. 
The Law Society Of Ontario can also help people find law firms that are accepting of legal aid certificates. They offer a telephone number that you can call to speak to a lawyer. ClearWay Law also offers a way to connect with a lawyer for a free consultation. You can simply pick a time and date below and a lawyer in Ontario will call you. You need to be clear about what area of law you need help with.
If you are looking to book a free consultation with a lawyer in Ontario, you can contact us. We are not a law firm, we connect people who need lawyers with a law firm. Call us or book a time for a lawyer to call you below.

Law Society Referral Service

The Law Society can also help deal with complaints against lawyers and paralegals. However, they will not get involved if you think your bill is too high. They can provide information about other sources of how to find a new lawyer. They can also provide you with help and the complaint form. How they react to the complaint will depend on the type of complaint.
The benchers operate as the board of directors for the Law Society of Ontario (LSO.) They are lawyers and paralegals that are elected to run the LSO. Some lawyers are not wanting to sign on to a set of principles that someone else decides. The LSO will push companies or lawyers who try legal innovation aggressively out of assistance. In the past, law firms would avoid upsetting the law society.

Accepting Legal Aid Certificates

Nowadays, people are starting to have to push innovation, because lawyers are going broke following their rules. Law firms often have to walk away from clients for silly reasons. For example, if a client calls in in Barrie looking for a lawyer in Toronto, the client will have to drive down to Toronto just to show a copy of their ID for a separation agreement. Does that make sense? This is just one example. For these reasons, people in Ontario have stopped hiring lawyers. 64 out of 100 people will legal issues think hiring a lawyer is worst than taking care of it themselves.
Can you imagine if 64% of people did surgery on themselves? Lawyers are just as valuable as doctors. Law firms are under enormous pressure for the LSO rules. If a lawyer does something innovative and gets in trouble, they will lose respect from other lawyers. Attorneys should be able to be independent thinkers and solve problems on a case by case basis.
Law Society Referral Service

Free Consultation With A Lawyer Or Paralegal

It’s time for law firms to discuss things openly. The law society started years ago looking into how to improve the industry. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on how to do it. Recently, the LSO has started spending a lot of time talking about the statement of principles. They required law firms in the province to promote certain values such as diversity. Law firms needed to promote these values even in the lawyer’s personal life.
You would be required to do this if you wanted to be a lawyer. A lot of lawyers are afraid of the law society and don’t want to push back against them.
A paralegal is someone who offers services to the public. This is for small claims, minor criminal matters, and tribunal work. Many people in Ontario don’t know that the law society regulates paralegals. Paralegals in Ontario are regulated, licensed, and insured.
The small claims limit is $25,000. Paralegals can help you sue a contractor in small claims.
Legal Problem
The LSO can assist with:
  • law society referral service
  • accepting legal aid certificates
  • referral telephone number
  • finding a lawyer for a free consultation
  • connecting with a lawyer or paralegal
  • complaint form against a lawyer or paralegal
  • information about other sources of help
  • deal with complaints

Legal Problem | Law Society Of Ontario

The law society of Ontario used to be called the Law Society Of Upper Canada. There was a motion to change to “the regulator of legal services in Ontario.” Obviously, that name lacked creativity and was shot down.

In conclusion, you can use the law society to complain about a lawyer. You can also use it to find a lawyer to represent you. Further, they can point you in the right direction to find a law firm that is accepting of legal aid certificates. You can use their referral number to book a 30-minute consultation with a lawyer. You can also watch our videos to learn more about law in Ontario.