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Coffee Meeting Networking Tips For Lawyers

Networking Tips For Lawyers

Are you looking for networking tips for lawyers? Lawyers shouldn’t have time for nonsense. Being sent the words “let’s grab coffee” and “let jump on a call” five times a day is one of the many struggles of being a law firm CEO. Search engine companies, career coaches, law students, web design firms, and articling students flood my inbox and voicemail every day. The marketers think law firms are sitting on a pile of cash, and that every law firm is terrible at lead generation.


If you want to learn a better way to bring in clients than networking, see our lead generation page.


Our company has what seems like countless people call us looking for help with their divorce every single day. Our challenge is not getting more people to call us, it’s how to better serve the people that call us. Right now it takes us too long to get people into consultations because our lawyers are so busy.


Lawyers that work remotely might be more likely to take coffee meetings because they want some face-to-face time.


Put Your Phone Down During The Meeting


Sometimes potential clients have to follow up with us because they have not heard back in a few days. We are building technology to help our lawyers help clients faster.


If I were to actually “grab coffee sometime” with only 20% of people who asked me to “have a 10-minute coffee” I would spend all day in a coffee store.


Coffee Meeting Between Lawyers


Don’t they realize that getting coffee is not a productive use of my time? I know so many lawyers that want to go to Chamber events and have meetings all the time. At the same time, they are behind on their legal work. Why would you be looking for more family law work when you are behind on your current client work?


And if you need more clients, learn the fundamentals of law firm marketing. View the video below which will teach you the basics of getting more clients as a lawyer.

Job Interviews And Feeling Awkward


In this age of hyper-connectivity, where you right or left swipe someone there are thousands of potential people to “talk” to. In the past, you would be limited to the people you meet in person, normally at school or at work. Back then people were introduced to fewer people. They didn’t want to ruin their chances at a first impression.


Now you can download an app and have 30 conversations with new people every day. Hyper-connectivity has made people lazy. People need to stop sending template messages out that they know don’t work. They know it won’t work because they don’t like it themselves.


Meet For 30 Minutes Max | Networking Tips For Lawyers


Don’t waste people’s time by allowing them to waste yours. Most people don’t have time to meet with their best friends for coffee, let alone one of the hundreds of people that send them a message on LinkedIn or by email. Our company is helping people with their serious issues, and we don’t have time to waste on coffee meetings.


One easy way to get rid of a cold call is to ask them why they want to meet. If they say they are interested in you or your company, ask them what specifically they find interesting. Most of the time they won’t bother to respond. If they send an original thought, perhaps they are worth meeting.

30 Minutes Max

Lawyers Shouldn’t Have Time For Random Coffee

Would you walk up to a random person on the street and ask, “Do you want to meet with me for 5 minutes over there?” Of course, you wouldn’t, it wouldn’t make sense.


They wouldn’t know if you want to be friends with them, date them, if you want to invest in their company, or if you want them to invest in yours.


A Cup Of Coffee For Success | Networking Tips For Lawyers


I work 60-hour weeks as the CEO of ClearWay Law. It’s very common to receive messages from law students who want to know my experiences in the legal industry. While I appreciate, they are eager for information, no one pulled me aside and mentored me when I got into the legal industry five years ago.


Most managers or managing partners are very busy, and they won’t explain things to you. It’s a harsh reality. Instead, start working for a law firm anyway you can. This will allow you to generate some experience.

informational interview

How to Heat Up Your Cold Calls


Here is an example of a poor message I received recently.


“Hey Alistair, I was just checking out your profile and I see you’re in the industry and I wanted to reach out. Just to quickly introduce myself — I help professionals get 20-25+ qualified leads every month with our automated client acquisition system. I’m curious, Alistair, do you need any help with this?”


First of all, “hey” is horses or for your close friends. I have no idea what kind of leads he is talking about. But 20-25 leads per month is nothing. Even if qualified, which I assume means they have money and live in our geographic area is very low. I can easily generate 150 leads a day using Facebook Ads.


So How Do You Improve Your Cold Calls?


Below is an example of a great message I received recently online.


“I enjoyed reading your article about sleeping in your office for two weeks. Would you do it again? I also reviewed your website and saw that you are trying to innovate the legal industry? My guess is that you need money, people, and time. I don’t have money to invest, but I am a person and I have time!


I believe I could help you build out your CRM system. What system are you currently using? My favorite CRM system is Clio Grow. It would be great to meet you some time so I could explain the benefits and cons of each system. I’ve been building CRM systems for companies like ABC for 10 years. I would like to send you some statistics that show the results that ABC achieved.”


It’s a great message because:


  1.       I know it’s not a boilerplate message
  2.       He asked me a question
  3.       He understands what I do
  4.       I know what he wants from me


Networking Tips For Lawyers | The Drawing Board


I want people to think before they send a message. We live in North America, which allows us to be very direct without being rude. Don’t be lazy, put some thought into adding value to the people you message online. The worst thing you can do is follow a script because no one wants to speak to a robot. Lawyers need to stop getting tricked into pointless coffee meetings.

Running a growing law firm is a lot of work. When I was a law firm manager, I had to manage lawyers, work on lead converting (not lead generation), law society compliance, and countless other tasks. Don’t offer to interrupt my day for a $4 coffee. Want my time? How about lunch at The Ritz?