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Gina Murray

Blakes | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A lawyer since 2020


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10220 103 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada N1C 4DR
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Gina's career spans a broad spectrum of legal expertise, with a sharp focus on solving complex corporate and commercial disputes. Her toolkit includes navigating appellate advocacy, mastering arbitration, and decoding the intricacies of insurance, administrative, and constitutional law. She's a key player in the Blakes Business Crimes, Investigations & Compliance group, where she shines in guiding clients through the murky waters of internal and regulatory investigations. Her advice is particularly sought after in navigating the complexities of modern slavery legislation.

Her courtroom presence is formidable, having represented clients across various judicial levels, including administrative tribunals, the Federal Court of Canada, and Alberta's courts. Her acumen extends to influencing the Supreme Court of Canada with persuasive written submissions.

Gina's pre-Blakes journey is equally impressive. She honed her skills at a prominent global firm and directly contributed to the judiciary as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Russell Brown. Her foundational legal training was shaped under the watchful eye of Justice Dawn Pentelechuk at the Alberta Court of Appeal.

Interestingly, Gina's path to law was unconventional. She spent a decade as a registered nurse in adult critical care. This experience endowed her with unparalleled crisis management skills, a deep empathy for client needs, and a tenacious spirit in advocacy.

Her legal victories are numerous. Notably, she played a pivotal role in defending a judicial review decision that impacted Alberta's oil sands royalty regime, showcasing her strategic prowess in high-stakes appeals. Her versatility is further demonstrated in her representation of a construction client in a prolonged arbitration and her advisory role in a judicial review concerning the duty to consult. Insurance disputes, particularly those involving large infrastructure projects, are another area where Gina excels, providing clarity on policy interpretations and liability coverage.

Beyond the courtroom, Gina engages with the legal community through her memberships in the Law Society of Alberta, the Canadian Bar Association, and The Advocates' Society. She's also contributed to the body of legal literature with publications addressing significant securities litigation decisions, the implications of modern slavery legislation, and the challenges of bribery allegations in the mining and energy sectors.

Her academic achievements are notable, with a JD (With Distinction) from the University of Alberta, where she also earned a BScN (With Distinction) in Nursing. This diverse background, combining healthcare and law, equips Gina with a unique perspective and a holistic approach to legal challenges, making her a distinguished advocate and advisor in her field.


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