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Kathy Briere

Dentons Canada LLP - Edmonton | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A lawyer since 2013


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Dentons Canada LLP - Edmonton
10220 103 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada N1C 4DR
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Kathy Briere has built an impressive career at the forefront of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution group, additionally co-leading the Plaintiff Personal Injury group in Edmonton. Specializing in personal injury law, Kathy tackles cases ranging from minor to catastrophic injuries, including those as severe as brain and spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, and cases involving fatalities.

Her commitment extends to representing individuals affected by various types of accidents, including those involving vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and even incidents like slip and falls and assaults. Kathy’s primary goal is securing the most beneficial settlement for her clients, ensuring they receive just representation against courts and insurance companies alike.

Kathy’s approach is one of pragmatism and empathy, always considering her client's best interests and aiming for resolutions outside the courtroom whenever possible. Her expertise in mediation, bolstered by a certification from Harvard University, equips her with the skills to navigate alternative dispute resolutions effectively, offering her clients pathways to settle claims efficiently and without court proceedings.

Over her career, Kathy has formed strong alliances with healthcare professionals, aiding in her clients' recovery processes, and has established a reputation among insurers as a relentless yet fair advocate. This balance allows her to negotiate effectively, striving for optimal outcomes for her clients.

Aside from her personal injury practice, Kathy manages a successful real estate practice, handling transactions, refinancing, and land acquisitions. Her dedication to community service is exemplified through her work with Habitat for Humanity, where she provides legal counsel in the capital region and Northern Alberta.

The Dentons Plaintiff Personal Injury team, under Kathy’s guidance, emphasizes the importance of client care and recovery, ensuring peace of mind for clients to focus on their rehabilitation. The team’s vast network of professionals aids in securing comprehensive support for clients, aiming for a favorable recovery and maximum compensation for their injuries and losses.

Kathy and her team are committed to a thorough assessment of each case, consulting with clients to tailor the legal process to their needs and preparing diligently for potential trials. Their extensive experience in litigation, settlement negotiations, and various forms of dispute resolution underscores their goal to achieve the best possible settlement expeditiously.

Kathy Briere and her team at Dentons are recognized as credible, respected leaders in the field, establishing trusted relationships within the legal, financial, insurance, and healthcare communities, ensuring positive outcomes for their clients.


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