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Wesley Fairbanks

Dentons Canada LLP - Edmonton | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A lawyer since 2014


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Dentons Canada LLP - Edmonton
10220 103 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada N1C 4DR
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Wes Fairbanks is a notable partner at Dentons, based in Edmonton, where he plays a pivotal role in the Corporate group. Wes also contributes significantly to the Construction Group, showcasing a versatile legal expertise that spans across advising both public and private entities, including not-for-profits, startups, and seasoned entrepreneurs on a myriad of corporate and commercial undertakings. His advisory scope covers the essentials of corporate structuring and governance, corporate finance, securities law, and the intricate processes of mergers and acquisitions, alongside drafting and managing crucial contracts.

His involvement in the Construction Group sees him offering nuanced advice to a range of stakeholders in the construction sector, such as owners, contractors, and consultants. Wes excels in the interpretation, drafting, and negotiation of various construction, infrastructure, and procurement documents, demonstrating a comprehensive grasp of different contracting models like tenders and public-private partnerships, to name a few. This includes crafting both standard industry agreements and tailored construction contracts to meet specific project needs.

Wes's professional journey is marked by significant contributions to various high-profile transactions. He has provided counsel for notable clients like Peninsula Capital Partners, LLC, and OraQ AI, among others, guiding them through complex deals like sales, financings, and acquisitions. His legal acumen has proven invaluable in facilitating smooth transitions and securing favorable outcomes for clients across different sectors, including technology, construction, and finance.

In addition to his transactional work, Wes is deeply involved in the legal community, demonstrated by his participation in informative panels and seminars aimed at providing startups and professionals with legal insights into investment, finance, and construction-related topics. His commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering understanding of legal intricacies underscores his dedication not just to his clients but to the broader community.

Wes's educational background from the University of Alberta, where he earned both his JD and BComm with honors, lays the foundation for his legal practice, equipping him with a solid understanding of both legal and business principles. Licensed in Alberta since 2014, his practice is a testament to his commitment to excellence and client service in the realms of corporate law and construction.

For businesses and individuals navigating the complexities of corporate transactions, mergers, acquisitions, or construction projects in Edmonton, Wes Fairbanks stands out as a trusted advisor, offering a blend of in-depth legal expertise and practical, client-focused solutions. His work not only aids in achieving immediate legal objectives but also in laying down solid foundations for future success.


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