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Adam Rosenke

Merchant Law Group LLP | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A lawyer since 2020


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Merchant Law Group LLP
2710 17 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2A 0P6
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In the legal landscape of Alberta, this particular attorney stands out not just for his diverse legal expertise but also for his remarkable personal achievements. Specializing in family law, his practice encompasses a wide range of services from handling divorce and separation cases, tackling complex custody and guardianship issues, to managing the intricate division of family property. He's adept at navigating the nuanced areas of child and spousal support, and skilled in the drafting and negotiation of various family agreements, including pre-nuptial and co-habitation agreements. His proficiency extends to resolving high-conflict and emergency legal matters with a level-headed approach.

His educational background is equally impressive, with a Juris Doctor degree from Thompson Rivers University obtained in 2018, building on a foundation in education from the University of Alberta a decade earlier. Professionally, his experience is broad, including regular appearances in both the Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta and the Provincial Court of Alberta. He's adept at representing clients across a variety of settings, from Justice Chambers and Special Chambers to trials, covering both family and criminal law dockets.

Admitted to the Alberta bar in 2020, his life outside the courtroom is as dynamic as his professional one. As a husband and father, he balances family life with an impressive athletic career. Notably, he has represented Canada in both track and field and bobsleigh, achieving national champion status twice and securing World Cup medals in the latter. His passion for sports doesn't end there; he's also an enthusiastic participant in hockey, tennis, and golf.

This unique blend of legal acumen and athletic excellence underscores his commitment, discipline, and determination, traits that undoubtedly benefit his clients in legal proceedings. Whether in the legal arena or the sports field, his pursuit of excellence is evident, making him a distinguished figure in both domains.


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