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Amanda Jacinto

bowriver employmen tlaw | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

A lawyer since 2020


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bowriver employmen tlaw
221 10 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 0V9
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A vital member of Bow River Law LLP, Amanda Jacinto, thrives in the intricate realms of employment, labor, and human rights law. Her journey into the legal domain reflects a diverse academic background and a passion for advocating for her clients' rights.

Amanda's educational odyssey began with a major in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice and Public Policy from the University of Guelph. Seeking broader horizons, she pursued her Bachelor of Laws at Queen Mary University of London's School of Law, renowned for its academic excellence and rigorous legal training.

Upon her return to Toronto, her hometown, Amanda embarked on her legal career, articling at a personal injury law firm. Following her call to the bar in Ontario, she ventured westward to Calgary, Alberta, where she further honed her legal skills across various practice areas before joining Bow River Law.

In her role at Bow River Law LLP, Amanda leverages her courtroom experience, appearing before Alberta Provincial Court and the Court of King's Bench. She adeptly navigates summary trials and viva voce hearings, demonstrating her litigation prowess while advocating for her clients' rights.

However, Amanda's commitment to her clients extends beyond the courtroom. She recognizes the importance of alternative dispute resolution methods and strives to ensure her clients feel heard and understood throughout the litigation process. Amanda's dedication to clarity and transparency shines through as she simplifies legal procedures for her clients' comprehension and peace of mind.

Outside her legal endeavors, Amanda is an active volunteer at the Women Centre of Calgary's Legal Clinic, underscoring her commitment to community service and empowerment. Her interests span a spectrum of activities, from exploring diverse cuisines to staying active through exercise and travel. Amanda's multifaceted approach to life reflects her vibrant personality and unwavering dedication to her profession and community.

Amanda's professional affiliations include memberships in the Law Society of Alberta and the Law Society of Ontario, further underscoring her commitment to legal excellence and professional growth. Her journey exemplifies a blend of academic rigor, legal acumen, and a genuine passion for advocating for others' rights, making her a trusted ally in the legal arena and beyond


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